10 SEO Statistics for Local Business Owners


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10 SEO Statistics for Local Business Owners

What a wonderful time in history to be a business owner: when we have the internet and search engine optimization!

Only a few decades ago, local businesses relied solely on traditional marketing strategies such as print media and word-of-mouth advertising. While print ads can be effective, it presents many challenges for small companies operating on a limited budget. And word of mouth is a powerful yet unpredictable method, and there isn’t much you can do to control it.

In today’s digital world, online marketing platforms have become essential for any business hoping to succeed and grow. SEO services geared towards small business owners ensure that their website and social media platforms operate optimally to give potential customers an excellent first impression.

Local companies can improve their search engine ranking by optimizing websites, allowing them to appear higher on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

What Is Local SEO?

By taking advantage of digital marketing and local SEO services, small businesses can take control of their online presence and attract more customers.

Local SEO solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrating location-specific content and maps
  • Optimizing Google Business Profiles
  • Investing in review management software
  • Cultivating myriad location pages for businesses that have several service areas
  • Industry and location-specific keyword research
  • Cohesive messaging across online platforms

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and achieve long-term success.

Additionally, it allows companies to track performance data such as website traffic and conversions, enabling them to adjust their strategies accordingly.

10 Local SEO Statistics

If you’re still uncertain about the benefits of local SEO, check out these statistics gathered over the last few years!

1. Based on a BrightLocal survey in 2020, 93% of consumers went online to find a local service.

In a more recent review, BrightLocal has broken down how consumers seek local business information from 2019 to 2022.

2. More than 75% of consumers consider online reviews when browsing local businesses (OnTheMap).

When was the last time you spent money on something unfamiliar without looking up reviews first? Similarly, when people search for local services such as roofers, HVAC specialists, and electricians, they will search online to find someone who’s close and has excellent reviews.

3. Over 50% of local businesses still need to claim their Google Business Profile (99Firms).

This is a HUGE missed opportunity for so many business owners that takes only a few minutes to complete. When you have a verified Google Business Profile, you gain online credibility, one of the first steps to optimizing your small business’s online presence.

4. About 46% of all Google searches include some aspect of location (99Firms).

People want to know the location of their desired products or services, so if your location or service area isn’t showing up online, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on prospective clients.

5. Of all local search results, 78% result in offline conversions (SafariDigital).

Many consumers want to support small businesses, cultivate that connection, and have a personalized experience that only local companies can offer. Often, after verifying your services and location online, they’ll go out of their way to ask about your products or solutions.

6. 62% of consumers will neglect to follow up or investigate a business they cannot find online.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that people are busy all of the time. If you’re not easy to find online, you’re already creating a negative impression with potential customers.

7. 40% of small businesses outsource their SEO services (99Firms).

You’re busy. We get it. Many small business owners outsource their SEO services to grow their companies on a budget.

8. 42% of local searches get clicks on Google Map Pack (OnTheMap).

The Google Map Pack is the three maps-based search results when conducting a local search for businesses.

9. 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses (SafariDigital).

Having a solid digital media presence that is cohesive and optimized across multiple platforms is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

10. The average timeline for seeing a positive ROI after implementing local SEO services is about four months (SafariDigital).

While SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that provides less instant gratification than other marketing methods, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Investing in SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal. The work you put in upfront pays off for years to come.

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