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Social Media: So Many Options, So Little Time

No matter what products or services you offer, chances are that your ideal customer is active on social media. Through engaging social media content and highly-targeted advertising campaigns, businesses are now able to more easily reach their target audience.

5 Best Tips for Increasing Your Followers on Facebook

First, let’s review why a business may even want followers on Facebook. This seems like a simple question for most to answer: the more followers your business has, the have the larger the “free” audience reached by the information shared on your Facebook page. Followers are free so the more you have, the wider your net of information about your business will be spread. Here are a few steps to follow that will help increase the number of followers your business has on Facebook.

Importance Of Unique Content On Your Website

Ax-Man Surplus has a very loyal following. If you’re not familiar with any of the three stores in the Twin Cities, they are emporia of extra odds and ends that the store’s owners have found interesting. You might find a gas mask next to a set of calligraphy pens near telephone cables and circuit boards and giant rubber bands. Tinkerers, school teachers, and the curious among us frequent Ax-Man, just to see what strange things have recently come in.

Why Should I Add Videos to My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Seems like a logical question to me and if you engage in social media of any kind I am thinking you can already answer this question. But, if social media or a social media strategy is not something you’re familiar with, here are a few insights as to why you should add video to your Digital Marketing strategy.

SEO – Why you need it

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” and is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit. Just about every business owner we meet has some idea as to what SEO is and some have even tried their hand on their own websites. We haven’t met many who were successful at optimizing their own sites but it does make for great conversation when we meet the ambitious owners who give it a shot. They usually tell us it’s not hard to do but very hard to get a result. We agree.

How to Use Landing Pages to Increase Web Advertising ROI

There are a growing number of advertising options small businesses have to choose from today. But while we see an increase in these advertising choices it unfortunately doesn’t coincide with an increase in our budgets. That’s why it’s crucial for small business to make the most of that budget and increase ROI however possible. One of the best ways to do this is by using landing pages for each and every advertising campaign you invest in.