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Track Google Advertising ROI – With Zoho

Track Google Advertising ROI – With Zoho

The Holy Grail of marketing is the ability to track advertising costs versus the revenue generated from a campaign and calculate a true return on investment (ROI). Knowing what advertising campaigns are generating a return on investment allows us to apply focus on those that perform.

Many local businesses have relied on several antiquated options to track advertising ROI based on off-line transactions. (1) Ask the client how they found us and compile ROI based on feedback. (2) Measure month-to-month revenue; if revenue trends up they assume it was based on a successful campaign. Neither option is accurate, both can be labor intensive and neither provide real-time information.

By integrating Zoho CRM and Google Adwords we are now able to measure real-time sales data alongside keyword campaigns and add spend. With your conversions up to date, you get real statistics on advertising performance along with real sell-through data. For example, an office supply company bids on 2 different brands of paper, let's call them "Acme Paper" and "Dunder Mifflin Paper". By using Google Adwords integrated with Zoho, the company determines that although their website receives twice the traffic for the keyword "Dunder Mifflin Paper" the sell-through data suggests that the keyword "Acme Paper" provides more sales per ad dollar spent. This data will allow the company to apply more of their PPC budget to the keyword "Acme Paper" as it provides more sales and a larger ROI. 

How it Works:

  1. Customer Searches Google for your product or service and clicks on your ad.

  2. Customer visits your website and determines they are interested in what you offer.

  3. Customer fills out a Call-To-Action form. (i.e. "quote request" or "contact us" forms)

  4. The form information is sent to Zoho CRM

  5. The Google Adwords tracking information is sent to CRM and tracked under the customer account showing keyword searched.

  6. When the client purchases from you, the sale is sent back to Google and tracked as a conversion.

Why is Adwords ROI Tracking Important?

Tracking off-line sales (any sale that does not happen on your website), is the only way to determine what keywords & campaigns are generating actual revenue. Knowing this information we can adjust your budget and spend more on the keywords that provide a positive return on investment and less on the keywords that do not generate actual revenue. With this information, if you're always showing a positive ROI, we can incrementally increase your PPC budget, grow your business and add profit to your bottom line.

View Campaign Data Within CRM

With the Keyword & Adwords Campaign information following leads into your CRM, you can now analyze your sales leads to see what customers are searching for to find your company and what keywords are providing the most sales leads and most profit. 

Client History Tracking & Add History: 

Many businesses have repeat customers. These repeat customers add more value to the advertising campaign, that goes beyond month-to-month ROI tracking. For example, once the Google tracking information is attached to the client account, you will forever know how that client found you. This provides valuable long-term advertising information as you can determine what keywords & campaigns have provided the most revenue over a long period of time.


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