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3 Reasons to Build Out Your Website Pages

3 Reasons to Build Out Your Website Pages

Effective web design is about more than just creating a beautiful website. Your website should also boost your business’s visibility and attract visitors. However, gaining traffic to your website is only half the battle; you want to be able to keep your visitors on your site for as long as possible, but a one-page site can be your shortfall. The following are all reasons a multi-page website can keep your audience engaged and even boost your rankings.


Reason #1 | A One-Page Site Can Hold You Back

There are many beautifully-designed one-page sites out there, but this unique style may not be practical for your business. In fact, a one-page site may not perform as well as a multi-page site. While one page-sites can be unique and eye-catching, there are also a few major cons:

  • Not Always Visitor Friendly. Including all of your content on one page can create a frustrating experience for visitors. Your visitors should be able to quickly and easily navigate to the content they are looking for. Sites that are poorly designed and require a great deal of scrolling can cause visitors to leave out of frustration.
  • Can Take A Long Time To Load. One-page sites can be visually appealing, but with so much content and imagery all on one page, things can really slow down. With a one-page site, you may find that your website takes much longer to load, which can deter some visitors.  
  • Not Ideal For SEO. Consolidating all of your website content into one page makes it incredibly difficult to target multiple keywords. If you offer multiple products or services, you may not be able to optimize your content to focus on each one.

Reason #2 | A Site With Multiple Pages Can Boost Your SEO

The structure of your website is one of the most important components of your SEO strategy. A logical, well-structured site can help you easily achieve SEO success. By creating dedicated pages for each of your services, you can more easily optimize your content for the various keywords you want to rank for. Rather than being forced to condense everything into one page, you can explore each topic in greater depth.

Creating separate pages with complete, well-developed content is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Easier for Search Engine Crawlers to Rank. To determine your rank within search results, search engines use crawlers to read through and index the content on your website. A well-structured site is easier for search engines to find your content and rank it.
  • Boost Visibility for the Right Pages in the Right Searches. Building out separate pages for specific products or services will help those pages rank better in related searches.  
  • Create a Better Experience for Visitors. Your visitors should be able to easily get the answers they need from your website content. Building out separate pages will make navigation simpler, but also provide them with the in-depth information they are searching for.

Reason #3 | Smart Design Can Help You Stand Out from Your Competition

Your visitors want to be able to get the information they need quickly and easily. By building out separate pages for each of your services, you can make it easier for visitors to navigate your site. The more traditional navigation experience of a multi-page site gives visitors a clearer path to the content they want.

Before mapping out your new website, take a look at your competitors’ sites. Take note of what they are doing well and what they could be doing better, and use that information to start planning your site. By learning from your competition, you can build a more effective website.

Your website’s design should meet your customers’ needs while also improving your SEO. Building out your website pages as part of a logical, well-structured design provides the best of both worlds. To learn more about how you can use your website to grow your business, contact our team for a free Digital Marketing Blueprint.



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