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Google My Business? Google Your Business!

Google My Business? Google Your Business!

Most business owners we meet wear about 14 hats and have very little time to keep up on their digital marketing. There are so many parts to keep track of like your website, social media, various directories, and lead generator sites that could keep you from actually getting anything done that most business owners avoid the topic or hire a company like ours to set it all up.  Avoidance is likely a bad idea due to the high volume of people who use the web to find goods and services. A quality inbound marketing plan will place your goods and services in front of the customer when searching.

Your website is typically considered the hub of a digital marketing program and is a great place to show off your good and services. Quality content with authentic photos and videos will go a long way to get more phone calls or quote requests from your clients. When we design a website our designers make sure to create a website that has a high call to action and funnels the customer to make contact with you in some way that results hopefully in a sale. While this is definitely a big part of the inbound marketing plan and considered the hub of the wheel of online marketing there are spokes and other ways your customers will find you and make contact with you.

One of our favorite spokes to the wheel is Google My Business formerly known as Google Places and also resembles Google+. Google My Business is a place on the web where your customers are directly connected to you through search on Google Maps, Google+ and standard Google search.  You will see a Google My Business profile when looking up a business directly or when you are looking for a specific local service or product. When looking up a specific service you will see the Google My Business result in three very important places.

1.    The map at the top right:  

2.    The map list in the middle of the search page:  

3.    Searching directly for the business:  

In examples 1 and 2 we looked up “Windshield replacement St Paul” and it becomes obvious that a potential customer may never even make it to a regular website for any of these service providers but may simply call from the phone number listed next to the A, B, C… Or, they may click on the map for driving directions. In the 3rd example, the customer may also never make it to the main website but could end up on the Google+ page, read reviews, and call or email from the Google+ page. While all of these results are not bad for the user and rather nice for a quick glance at who provides the service you need locally if you have not optimized or set up your Google My Business page this scenario would never happen. The customer would never even know you exist and call somebody else. 

The issue becomes even more dire when you try the same search on a smartphone. Your Google My Business profile is designed to deliver the right information at the right time. Not only does your listing provide direction it also provides information like hours you are open, current offers, pictures of your goods and services but it also shows what others are saying about your business. People use Google My Business to leave online testimonials. If you have a lot of positive testimonials versus a competitor who has no reviews who do you think will be getting the phone call? 
The businesses that spend time on Google My Business optimizing, updating and obtaining positive reviews will be glad they did. We see Google applying more importance to testimonials and information provided on Google My Business.
Here at Triton Commerce we take the time to optimize Google My Business for our clients. It’s one part of our inbound marketing strategy. Google My Business is a great place to attract customers who want your services but don’t know your name. It’s also a good place to build a strong online reputation with positive testimonials for people who want to know more about your business. 

Like anything Google the results of optimizing your Google My Business are track-able. Unfortunately, the analytics are not located in Google’s standard analytics reporting and has different measurable components.  Google My Business tracks search views, post views, profile views, photo views, clicks to your website, clicks for directions and finally click to calls. 
What does this mean for your business? You need to be optimized on Google My Business and also updating with posts, pictures and offers or you will be losing business to your competitors who are set up on Google My Business. If you are curious about getting set up or just have questions regarding Google my business give us a call. We can help. We have set up and maintained dozens of Google My Business profiles. 


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