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Sorry To Say, But Your Website Sucks . . . Here's Why!

Sorry To Say, But Your Website Sucks  . . . Here's Why!

I am sure this is not really what you want to hear from anyone, however, honesty is the best policy. Maybe brutal honesty is necessary sometimes. Once your company has a website, you might think you’re all done and don’t have anything else you need to do. Right? WRONG ANSWER!

If you had a website built for your company more than a year ago, it is likely that site is already outdated. Any farther back than that and it is severely challenged. The flexibility and convenience of the web provides both benefits and challenges at the same time for anyone using it, whether as a customer or as a business. Things on the web do not stay the same.  Did you know that Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm? Do you personally have the time to be the expert or stay current when these change or more are added? Unfortunately if your primary focus is not web design or marketing you might not know when these happen -- or understand what it means when they do happen and the steps you need to take!

There are various reasons why your website may have challenges; however you may not be able to see it. Why, you ask? Businesses often get comfortable with what they have and frankly do not like change. Even if change is what keeps you relevant online with search engines like Google and Bing, therefore helping your business continue to grow.  

When was the last time you met with a web marketing firm? Most will meet with you and provide feedback on your current website, where the challenges are and how they would improve it for you. It’s highly worth your time to get a few different opinions from experts in the industry. This could also prove to be your next best marketing idea; after all, you may even meet a company that you would like to do business with!

 Some simple things to look at is:

1)  Are your social icons predominant on your page? If so, this is old technique. Think about this: Why would you want a potential client to go off into the never-never-land of social media when you can control the message by containing them within your website? If they leave your site, you may not get them back! Think what happens when you personally get on Facebook for “just a second?”

2)  Is your call to action clear from every page? If a prospect or current customer were to land on each of your pages would it be clear for them on how they would contact you? Purchase from you? Learn more about your hot deals? 

3)  Is your site easy to navigate for the average user? The average user being a new prospect or anyone that does not work for your company as they are already versed in your product or service. Have you had people from outside your company try to navigate and find the answers they would be looking for? It is a much different experience for an average consumer than an industry expert.

4)  What does your site content say about you? Is the information clear to the customer/consumer that would be looking for what you have to offer? Is there enough information to work for you on the web? Is the content being added to on a consistent basis to increase your relevancy which also will increase your page rank?

5)  What does your site look like? Really, if it is not engaging or professional to the average eye, a customer will look elsewhere until they find a site that looks new, is easy to navigate, and quickly provides information on what they are looking for. Pictures matter. Branding matters. The things that seem like little things really are big things to a potential customer. It can be the difference why they chose you versus someone else. When was the last time you searched the websites of your competitors to see what experience they are offering the potential customer?

These are just a few things to think about when looking at your website and determining if it sucks or not. The ever-changing digital world can be a challenging component of business today. At the same time, it is an indispensable component of our business world today. Triton Commerce is here to help you take a new look at your old website and provide you with valuable feedback on how to ensure your website is a providing you with leads and a positive return on your investment! We can even partner with you to be your long-term solution for this challenge – regardless of how quickly or how much the internet changes during this year, or the next!


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