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New Year, New Brand

New Year, New Brand

As the new year swings into full gear, the opportunity for a new introduction of sorts might be what your existing business is in dire need of. Rebranding at the opportune time has the possibility to breathe new life into your brand -- and your bottom line.  Here are the top five reasons for a new brand in the new year:


Your business has out grown its original product or service offering. When you first started out, you may have had a single product focus, but as time passed and your team gained experience in the industry, your product line and service line expanded. If your brand, including your name, doesn’t represent your full offerings, now might be a good time to look at rebranding. Merely adding in new products throughout your website or in an add usually isn’t enough. Continuously showing your new focus of your new brand with visuals and messaging will have a much greater impact on both existing and new customers!


Over time, as your customers change, so should your brand. Although you may have done a great job keeping your brand’s imagery and messages tightly in check, as time passes your customers’ interpretation of your brand can dilute your efforts. To stay up-to-date, relevant, and top-of-mind, reintroducing your business through a new brand can bring about a whole new level of awareness and relevance again to both current and potential customers. 


And the survey says . . . potential customers have no idea who you are or what you offer. Picture this: you’re at a networking event and as you’re reaching across the buffet of appetizers, the attendee behind you in line asks what your business does. If the description you provide takes more than 8-10 seconds or if you find yourself stumbling through the right words more often than not, it might be time to revisit your brand. Your brand should be able to share who you are and what your business does without much more of a further explanation. 


Your business has outgrown the brand your cousin’s, neighbor’s, college roommate’s twin sister developed for you as part of her design portfolio when she and your business both started out.   This scenario is often the hardest to admit, for nostalgic reasons of course, but sometimes the time comes to rebrand simply because the brand you’ve had since day one isn’t as professional or mature as your organization now is. Your brand has become stale and passé.  Rebranding can give your business new life. As previously mentioned, a rebrand can help retain current customers, while simultaneously bringing in new ones.

F I V E:

If your business has merged with another, now is an ideal time to introduce your new organization with a brand that represents both previous organizations with a well-defined common brand and purpose. This new united brand will need to show what your new company can offer to customers and what they can expect as best business practices from your team.  

Any of the above mentioned instances are valid and key reasons for introducing a new brand as the new year gets into full swing. Building a strong and recognizable brand takes time and a solid investment. The strongest brands have been strategized and well executed – both in design and delivery. Don’t short-change your efforts with a lack of investment in or lack of strategy in their creation.  If you’re in need of a rebrand – whether it be a tweak or a complete overhaul, the team at Triton Commerce is here to help.  With our comprehensive branding package, we’ll have you excited to show off your new brand in the new year in no time!   


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