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5 Things Your Web Marketing Firm Won’t Tell You!

5 Things Your Web Marketing Firm Won’t Tell You!

It is always a learning experience when I meet someone and they ask me what my company does. This always goes into a discussion on what their current web company told them they would help them do.  I have compiled a list of the 5 most common misconceptions or misinformation that I come upon during these conversations:

  1. SEO Results cannot be guaranteed. There are many things that go into why and when you will come up in a search and some, even with the best marketing plan, no one can guarantee that you company will come up in the first position on search.  There are many variables that are looked at each time you search which will create a different results.  Some of those things are location, places you have searched previous, what your friends are searching and information gathered from various social media outlets.
  2. Mobile Responsive SEO is extremely important.  60% of all searches are conducted on a mobile device.  What this means to you is that if your site is NOT mobile responsive you will not come up on any searches conducted on a mobile device.  This will obviously limit your exposure to potential customers.
  3. The more links you have the better.  This is an old technique that is out of date.  The Google Gods caught on this strategy years ago and now it actually goes against you versus for you.  Google is smart…..they are looking for links that are relevant to your business.  Having proper links does make you better but it is based on quality and relevance not the total number.
  4. Lots of pages does not automatically mean high ranking. It is true the larger the site the more potential you could have if, and only if, your content on these pages is rich, meaningful and unique.  Content is king!  It is about having information that will benefit the potential customer (the searcher) in their decision making process, which then Google sees as a benefit. 
  5. Ads do not necessarily help SEO. Ads are a short term solution to a long term problem.  There are many options today through different mediums for ads but as you know these create a result only when you are running the ad.  There is no long term SEO advantage to this type of web marketing.

 There are many different myths that are out there, some were true in the past however, now are extremely outdated and do not work any longer. It is possible that they may even hurt you. 

 When you are looking at partnering with a web marketing company, take the time to research the company, reach out to their actual customers and see what they have to say and make sure you are getting results driven information from your digital marketing company.  It is always good to check with someone else occasionally to see what opportunities are out there so you have the “best” company working for you!


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