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How Well does your Web Designer Know your Business?

Most business owners we meet end up wearing many hats each day. One of the business owners we work with calls himself the “chief cook and bottle washer” for example. Obviously that’s not what he does but it’s a good metaphor for your average business owner. When your company is small there often an abundance of employees to delegate to and the business owner ends up cleaning the toilets after making a sales call and paying bills to keep the lights on. It’s quite common and many of us have been there. It’s also quite common for us to see a business try to make their own website! A lot of the time, the cost of a custom website can be intimidating so when they see free website programs on TV or hear about them on the radio, many business owners think it can’t be that hard to do if it’s free, right?

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

Use your time wisely and focus on what you are great at. Delegate the rest and you become more efficient and likely more profitable. If you do that you’re much more likely to succeed. Once you come to the realization that delegation is needed for skills outside of your own, you may next then realize how hard it’s going to be to explain what you do and how you do it to a marketing and web design company. How could a techy web company possibly be able to explain your product or service accurately?

What many web design companies do to solve this problem is to ask the client to provide the content for each page. This would ensure that the content matches the business owner’s ideas. There a few problems with this however. Who, as a business owner, has the time to do that? Are you a professional writer? Have you optimized your text for search engines before? As you can see, providing content is challenging and doing it the right way for search engines and readers to enjoy is an art form!

At Triton Commerce, we have a process our team follows so that we can get to know our client, their business, and what their goals are for the future -- among many other things. The first thing we do with a new client is have a Kick-Off meeting that typically lasts about 2 hours. We bring in our brand manager, content manager, and the dedicated account representative and cover everything from what your profit centers are to what keeps you up at night. We then take the information we learned from you as our client and add it to our robust project management system. We then collect any additional information we can from you such as images, brochures, and marketing collateral and add it into our system. Next, we have an internal meeting with our web designers and content creators to create the mockup and strategy for your new website.  Once the mockup has been created, we show it to you for your review and approval.  Once approved, we move full-steam ahead to create your new site. When the new site is ready to launch, and after our thorough internal review, you’re then asked for the final stamp of approval  . . . then it’s go time!

This step-by-step process ensures that our entire team creates your new website just the way you want it, and more importantly, how your customers want it. We keep the process simple for you while ensuring we get the information needed to create a great website and inbound marketing program for your business.

 There’s no doubt, our favorite part of our jobs is having the opportunity to learn so much about what our clients do. It’s fascinating!  Different members of our team can tell you how a coin is made or how bulk food gets transported or even how sump pumps work. It’s like being inside of a “How It’s Made” episode on the Science Channel.  If you’re looking for a web design and marketing team who will be fascinated with your business almost as much as you are, give Triton Commerce a call. We would love to learn all about you and your business! 


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