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Get To Know Braxx

Get To Know Braxx

As one of the original employees of Triton Commerce, Braxx Calotes has worked in several areas of digital marketing and web design. He covered a variety of tasks during our company’s early years, always willing to utilize his web and marketing experience to solve problems and find solutions for our customers. More than eight years later, Braxx is still a part of Team Triton and now specializes in search marketing.

Get to know Braxx and learn how he partners with our crew to help small business owners grow their brands online with custom digital marketing solutions

Can You Share A Little Bit About Your Background And What Led You To Your Role At Triton?

After six years working as an assistant professor teaching Computer Engineering at University of Bohol here in the Philippines, I got a chance to work and be trained personally as an SEO Manager by Time Doctor’s co-founder Rob Rawson at his offshore company in Cebu City. That experience was followed by seven years of freelancing in web development, SEO, and affiliate marketing of several personally owned websites integrating Google Adsense. In January 2013, Corey formally hired me as an SEO Specialist for Triton Commerce.

Tell us a bit more about your role and everyday responsibilities for Triton.

When Triton just started, I had numerous roles to do like doing keyword research, implementing off-site and on-site optimizations of clients’ websites, link building and much more. Lately, my role focuses more on ongoing on-site optimization and testing, report and analysis, site assessment, and making sure that our clients’ sites are getting quality organic traffic as a part of their executed inbound marketing strategy.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Position?

I enjoy learning more things about each client’s business and how to make their websites competitive. It’s important for me to be on top of the search engine results for their targeted keywords.

What are some challenges unique to your role?

Keeping our clients’ websites performing ahead of their competitors and staying updated with the current search engine algorithms.

What's the most valuable thing you've learned so far during your time as part of Team Triton?

To work diligently and be the best of what you do.

If you got to trade jobs with anyone on Team Triton for a day, who would it be and why?

Matt Ashley, because he gets to meet all of our clients and work for a day with them in the Training Triton videos. I’ve been working with our clients websites for years, and I often wonder what it is like to work in their industries.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

To be in military service. But when I was about to join, one of my mother’s army cousins who is a special operator got ambushed and remained in a coma for a year and a half. She got very scared of what would happen to me then. As the eldest son, I had to respect her request since my dad passed a year before I finished high school and had to look after my siblings.

What's something else unique or interesting about you that others might not know?

Despite being tough and all that, I know my way around in the kitchen. My cooking puts a grin on my wife’s and daughter’s faces!

What's your family's favorite dish that you make?

They always ask me to cook Filipino style Adobo, which my wife and my daughter love so much!

What are some of your favorite things to do when you're not working?

Helping my wife with her business, introducing my little girl to martial arts and survival skills, having a long bike ride with my daughter anywhere she likes, playing tennis and other sports.

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