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You Do What You Do Well - We Will Do What We Do Well...

You Do What You Do Well - We Will Do What We Do Well...

You do what you do well….we will do what we do well and it will make for a perfect partnership. 

Every business owner that I talk to wants more customers, better customers, more repeat customer, etc; however, none of them have the time to market their business.  That’s where we come in ….. your online marketing presence.  Triton Commerce specializes in teaming up with small businesses to find more customers for them. You ask, “how do you do that?” It starts by keeping the business owners focused on what they do well, asking the right questions to learn about their business. Next, we help the business owner to define their product/service more precisely so we can accurately find the “right” potential customers through our kickoff meetings.  Finally, we design a website that matches their vision, which is the first step in the process! You must look good when your potential customers reach your site.

Next, we create calls to action that meet your business requirements.  Once they get to your page, how does a customer get a hold of you? It should be evident, regardless of what page the potential customer lands on, how to get a hold of you.  Where is your phone number located? Is it easily seen? Where is your email? How do they contact you if it's 2am and they want information?  Our call to action driven website designs make it easy for a customer to know what to do driving increased inquiries to our businesses.

After that, it is all about content, content, content!  There are likely many other businesses that offer the same product or service that you offer so why would anyone choose you? It’s all about content. Does the story on your pages create a visual story of your company? Anything you would want your customers to know about you should be concisely and creatively expressed on the pages of your website.  It is important that the business owner is active in the content creation, whether the business owner writes it all or partners with a professional writer to accurately depict the story of this small business!  At Triton Commerce we partner with companies to ensure that the content is easily read, accurately describes the product or service they are offering and provides accurate information targeted to the potential customer that is searching for them.  This way when the potential customer gets to your page they will stay on your page and read the information engaging them to move forward with the multiple calls to actions we create on your web pages.

Now you have a visual appealing website, great calls to action and accurate and informational content….what’s next?  Contact Triton Commerce, LLC to learn how we can help your web technology presence so a customer can find you via the web.


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