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Get To Know Tiffany

Get To Know Tiffany

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an account manager at a digital marketing agency? 

At Triton Commerce, our account managers work closely with dozens of business owners in a variety of industries, from home services to health and wellness. At its core, the position is designed to serve as a key point of contact for our clients; our account managers are the people our clients communicate with about anything and everything. When they’re not on the phone with clients, answering emails, or attending meetings, our AMs are busy tracking client data and account performance, communicating project milestones with our team, and discovering new opportunities to enhance our clients’ digital marketing strategies.

Tiffany has been an Account Manager at Triton for almost two years. With extensive retail and account management experience, Tiffany is an excellent problem-solver with incredible attention to detail. Her can-do attitude and charismatic personality are traits that both our team and clients say make her a pleasure to work with. 

Get to know more about Tiffany and how she partners with our clients to help them achieve their digital marketing goals.

Can You Share A Little Bit About Your Background And What Led You To Your Role At Triton?

I came to Triton with over 20 years of customer service experience in the form of 14 years of retail management and 6 years as a Center Director in early childhood education. The opportunity at Triton came up at a great time for me, and I’m so happy I made the leap!

Tell us a bit more about your role and everyday responsibilities for Triton.

I do my best to help control the chaos. ;)  I am the liaison between Triton’s clients and our team members. I keep things organized, communicate back and forth, and solve any issues that arise in order to keep projects moving on schedule and set our clients up for success.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Position?

I love the team at Triton and the fun we manage to have while working. I also enjoy seeing the great results we get for our clients and helping them grow their businesses.

What are some challenges unique to your role?

 Keeping things moving on each project. We need to work as a team – the client and Triton – so we need all participants to be on board. I’m also challenged daily with keeping my email inbox under control. ;)

What is the most valuable thing you've learned so far during your time at Triton?

Patience. Effective communication. Organization.

Being patient with clients and team members is so important. I’ve also learned that communication is key. Effective communication and being organized is so important and can change the tone of any project.

If you had to trade jobs with one person at Triton for a day, who would you pick and why?

I’d probably like to design. I like using my creative side, and I’d like to see how we make cool things happen as far as design goes. So I’ll go with Jace, our Creative Manager and Web Designer.  

Ryan’s job (Front End Developer) intrigues me, as well, but I think my head would start spinning as soon as he tried to explain something to me!

What's something unique or interesting about yourself that others might not know?

I feel like I’m a pretty open book. But I think a lot of people would be surprised that I really enjoy time alone. If I can get home on Friday and my car doesn’t leave the garage until I go to work on Monday, I consider that a pretty great weekend. I’m in sweats or pajamas within three minutes of being at home for the day, no matter what time it is. 

I don’t have any family in Minnesota. My parents live in Florida, and my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew live in Oregon. It’s something everyone knows but it’s unique if you consider that I live in Minnesota… especially because I’m a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan. :)

You're a huge fan of the Harlem Globetrotters. What do you love so much about the team/sport?

They are a really special group of people. I started going to shows about six years ago and haven’t been disappointed yet. I’ve been to 53 shows, and just got back from one in Nashville, TN this past weekend!

I go to five to 10 shows each year. They work so hard, are so talented, and I love the entertainment factor of the shows. They can do the coolest things with a basketball, and they all have such unique personalities. I love seeing them interact with fans and make people smile. 

One of my favorite things is bringing people to the show for their first time. A few of my friends and I have made it a yearly tradition to attend a show. I’ve met a lot of friends who work for the organization, and have never been disappointed in the quality of people that I’ve met. They always make the shows special for my guests and me. If I have a “happy place” (besides visiting family), being at a Globetrotter show is it. If I’m at a Globetrotter show WITH my family… perfect!

When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through a nurse phase before I decided I didn’t like the sight of blood. Then when I was in high school, I worked at Gap Kids and realized I really liked the creative side of merchandising and working with people. I decided to pursue a degree in Retail Merchandising and Management, with a minor in Business.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love to travel for events and family – a combo of that if I’m lucky. I visit my parents in Florida as often as I can, and love going to Oregon to see my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, Henry.  

In a perfect world, I’m also attending a Globetrotter show or a Jacob Banks concert on every trip. I’ve attended seven Jacob Banks concerts over the last 18 months – two of them in Minneapolis, and one each in Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Orlando.  Will travel for Jacob. ;) 

If I’m at home (and not working), I’m listening to music, organizing things in my house, decorating, doing something active, or catching up on my DVR. I also have a few friends who are local musicians, and I go support them at their shows as much as possible.

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