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Get To Know Trevor

Get To Know Trevor

Digital marketing skills are in serious demand in today’s technology-driven world. As companies all over the world are putting more of a focus on digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization, email marketing, and PPC advertising, there’s an increasing need for qualified professionals who can educate clients on digital marketing strategies that align with their business goals. 

At Triton Commerce, we’re lucky to have several digital marketing pros on staff, including Trevor Dale. As a Digital Marketing Specialist in our Winona office, Trevor helps businesses reach their target markets and influence conversions by providing information and guidance on a wide variety of digital marketing solutions. Passionate about helping small- to mid-sized businesses succeed, Trevor takes time to get to know each of our clients in order to recommend solutions designed for each business owner’s specific needs and goals.

Get to know a bit more about Trevor and his role as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Triton Commerce.

Can You Share A Little Bit About Your Background And What Led You To Your Role At Triton?

I graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication specializing in Public Relations. After college I spent two long years working in advertising for a newspaper. This really opened my eyes to how technology has changed the way people search for information. I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in an industry that had potential to grow and face new challenges as they come. Helping companies grow their business through building high-quality websites and managing their SEO is much more exciting than selling print ads in newspapers that never really get read.

Tell us a bit more about your role and everyday responsibilities for Triton.

When a new client comes to Triton for help reaching their target audience and growing their brand, I’m one of the first people they interact with. I educate them on how Triton’s digital marketing solutions can help them accomplish their goals, and I provide guidance on which strategies best align with their industry, needs, and budget.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Position?

The thing I enjoy most about my role at Triton is meeting all kinds of business leaders in various industries. It’s fun brainstorming how we can help solve their digital needs and achieve their goals.

What are some challenges unique to your role?

I think a challenge that is unique to my role at Triton is evaluating companies that come to us for help with their digital marketing and determining if they are a good fit. We aren’t the right fit for every business, and it is my job to make sure we partner with companies we can help find success. We want our team to be able to focus their efforts on potential long-term partnerships.

What is the most valuable thing you've learned so far during your time at Triton?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned at Triton so far is that just because we haven’t done something in the past doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We are always finding efficient new ways to get our clients the results they are looking for. I think it has really helped me grow my problem-solving skills, as well.

If you had to trade jobs with one person at Triton for a day, who would you pick and why?

I think I’m perfect where I’m at right now.

What tips do you have for businesses looking to grow their success?

A tip I would tell small business owners is to let the professionals help you get the results you’re looking for. Many of the business owners we work with are masters of their crafts, but a lot of times they are in over their heads when it comes to digital marketing. If you’re not knowledgeable in digital marketing, trying DIY solutions can really work against your business and cost you a lot of time, money, and effort in the process. Hire the professionals and swim downstream, not up.

When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, I was big into riding horses. I had a pony named Ginger, so I thought I was a cowboy. I got bucked off once and became terrified of horses. This quickly changed my career path to NFL player.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Outside of work I watch a lot of sports—mainly basketball, football, and baseball. If I am out with my friends, we are probably playing pool or darts.

Is it true you eat pizza four or five days a week? What's your favorite kind of pizza and what's the best pizza you've ever had?

It is true that I eat a lot of pizza. My favorite kind of pizza is Hawaiian. Sometimes when I’m feeling wild, I will sneak in a Fiery Hawiian. Anything with buffalo sauce is also amazing. The best pizza I’ve ever had was deep dish at Uno’s in Chicago.

Want to improve your digital marketing efforts with help from Trevor and our team of digital specialists? Contact us today! We’ll help you grow your business through a custom web design and digital marketing strategy.


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