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Got LinkedIn For Your Business?

Got LinkedIn For Your Business?

In today’s ever-changing world, Social Media has quickly become one of the top B2B sales marketing tools for all companies. Whether you’re big or small you will want to ensure your company has a social media presence and strategy. Today I will discuss LinkedIn which is quickly becoming one of the top players for B2B sales.

How do I become involved with LinkedIn? Sounds like an easy question….which on the surface it is! Create a business profile page on LinkedIn….now you have the first step down. If this is the only thing you do however, it will not create a LinkedIn presence. Now the fun has begun. I will discuss some options that anyone can use to become increasingly relevant on LinkedIn and eventually it could even drive new leads to your business.

1. Create new content for your page. Engage one or more of your team members to publish original content about your company, services you offer, information on your industry, etc, on a consistent basis. Minimum of one post per week to start. Remember the more activity you have on your page the more engaged your followers and the rest of the LinkedIn community will become.

2. Join groups and participate in their discussions. In order to gain relevance in your industry you will want to become active in various groups. You will want to engage by making comments to other group members posts, sharing your knowledge and expertise and when appropriate share your company’s information and how it is beneficial to the other group members.

3. Engage business leaders and partners to follow your page. The more people that are following you the more likely they are to share what your company has to say out to their network which continues to drive engagement from more and more business leaders that may need what you have to offer.

4. Ensure your company’s team members have professional individual LinkedIn pages and encourage your team members to follow your company, engage in conversations, and share information out to their network. This will continue to gain brand recognition for your company.

5. Share on your page industry related articles that include links to the other pages. This again will increase your reach to potential clients and create a picture of who you are and why other businesses should do business with you. This creates increased credibility for you company.

6. Video’s….have you ever thought about creating a video for your business? Currently this is the fastest growing way to engage your audience. Consumers are become more visual engaged and would prefer to watch and listen versus read your content. This may be a new strategy for your company you would want to engage in!

Whether you are an expert in LinkedIn or just beginning there is opportunity galore for small business owners to engage in the current social media marketing frenzy that is happening. You will want to get started soon so you do not get left in the dust. Position yourself for future growth as well as keep yourself up to date with the latest and greatest business information. There are many helpful articles that are posted daily to help business owners.


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