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Get To Know Jared

Get To Know Jared

Our Search Marketing Analyst is responsible for managing a variety of different SEO tasks. Jared works with our team to develop, implement, and maintain highly-tailored search marketing strategies for each of our clients. He also reviews and analyzes client website performance in order to understand website traffic, user behavior, and site trends. 

Want to know more about Jared?  We sat down with him to learn more about his role at Triton Commerce and why the work he does on a daily basis is such an important party of any digital marketing strategy.

Can You Share A Little Bit About Your Background And What Led You To Your Role At Triton?

“Before Triton, I worked in SEO for about four years, honing and growing my skills along the way like an SEO ninja. What led me to Triton was the ability to work for a more progressive company.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role?

“Every day is different.”

What Are Some Challenges That Are Unique To Being A Search Marketing Analyst?

“SEO is always evolving. Every day I get to learn new strategies and techniques that help me improve my skills and provide even better results for clients.”

Why Is It So Important For Businesses To Invest In SEO?

“SEO is crucial if you want to improve your online presence, get more traffic, and ultimately make more money. If you are not on page one of your customers’ search results, you might as well not have a website.”

What Common Mistakes Do A Lot Of Businesses Make With Their SEO?

“They try and do it themselves, or don’t do it at all. SEO is something that needs to be looked at on a monthly, or sometimes even weekly, basis. Ideally, business owners should focus on running their business and not all of the technical things that come along with doing SEO.” 

What's One Simple Thing A Business Owner Can Do To Boost Their SEO?

“Provide a quality product or service, and get positive reviews from their customers.”

If You Had To Trade Jobs With One Person At Triton For A Day, Who Would you Pick and Why?

“Lauren, so I can write blogs about team members.”  jared-blog-image

Who Is The Biggest Influence On Your Life?

“Dogs with three legs. Their can-do attitudes are something I strive to replicate in my life."

Who Is Your Favorite WWE Wrestler?

"Finn Balor. He has the most electric entrance in the WWE, and he enjoys playing with Legos."

Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Fries?

"Wendy’s. Except the fries and Frosties are the only good things there."

What's One Thing People Would Be Surprised To Find Out About You?

“I can make Minute Rice in 55 seconds."

The right SEO strategy can help your business gain a competitive edge. With his wide range of skills and incredible efficiency, Jared plays an instrumental role in creating successful digital marketing strategies for our clients. For more tips on improving your current SEO strategy, check out our blog “5 Tips For Improving Your Website’s Visibility On Google.” 

Developing, implementing, and maintaining an SEO strategy can take a great deal of time and dedication. If you want to reap the benefits of a tailored SEO strategy without having to manage everything on your own, we can help! Contact us today for your free Digital Marketing Blueprint, and we’ll provide you with recommendations to help you improve your current digital presence.


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