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6 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Strategy In 2015

6 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Strategy In 2015

6 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Social Media Strategy for 2015.

1. Grow Fans Organically.

We shouldn't even have to discuss this, but we continue to see companies buying social media followers. Having 10,000 Facebook "followers" provides no value if these followers are not engaged with you. In fact, Facebook post reach (EdgeRank) is calculated based on follower engagement, if no one is engaged, the post dies. This means, your TRUE followers may never see your posts. You're better off having 30 true followers, who like your company and buy from you. 

Reasons not to buy social followers: 

  1. Purchased likes will not become a customer
  2. Low engagement = Low post reach (low EdgeRank)
  3. Alienates "real" likes.
  4. Increases cost to boost a post.
  5. Waste of money!. 'Nuf said. 

2. Update Your Bio

Updating your business bio is key to building a successful social media strategy. You need to quickly let potential followers know what you have to offer them. For example your LinkedIn bio should not resemble a job resume, instead it should focus on the services you can provide to a connection. Your business bio is an opportunity to translate years of experience into an engaging profile. Your bio should be promotional, but not spammy. Add your personality but cut to the chase by adding short and direct content. Make your bio consistent among all social media profiles. 

Tips to write a good company bio:

  1. Include top three strengths
  2. Include top three skills
  3. Include top three target markets
  4. Include some personality: Such as your interests, or charities you support.

Now that we have covered your bio text, it's equally important to pick a good photo for your bio. As with your bio text, consistency across all of your social networks will help strengthen your personal brand. Try adding a face to your profile pictures which will humanize your company. We'll talk more about this below. 

3. Add Your Personality.

People don’t connect to corporations, automated messages or promotional messages. Stop treating social media as a marketing tactic and embrace it as an ecosystem, allowing you to connect on a personal level with your clients. Not only should you add information about your company, promotions or industry news, but you should incorporate human-speak & personal images into your messaging – videos, pictures, humor. In 2015 and beyond, social users not only want know about the services your company can provide, but they want to know about who you are. 

If your a small business, embrace it, and represent yourself as a owner operated business. Show pictures of yourself, your staff, your pets, your family... Share things that happen at the office, at the job-site, at your holiday party. People connect to people, and prefer to do business with people. 75% of customers buy from companies that they have an emotional connection with and trust. The goal is to be seen not only as credible and knowledgeable, but also as a person. 

Tips to personalize your social media

  1. Use your name when you post.
  2. Have your staff post replies, likes and comments. 
  3. Add faces to your profile pics. 
  4. Add images and video of your work and staff. 
  5. Add personality to your writing. 
  6. Ask questions of users, to encourage engagement. 
  7. Respond quickly to comments and /or thank those for commenting. 

4. Add Images & Video to Improve Reach.

The typical Facebook post reaches only 10% of followers. Reach is vital, because if followers are not seeing what you're posting, you're not marketing to them. Adding quality images and video, along with engaging content helps increase your post reach.

Add quality content along with the image... Ask a question, or add humor to encourage your followers to comment. The more people that engage with the post and the more you engage back, the higher your reach will become. The goal is not the quantity of posts you can make, it's the quality of posts focused on follower engagement. 

5. Repost Content

So, you've gone through the effort of creating a good article, blog post, or just a good social media update, only to have less than 1/4 of your followers view the post.  If this content is still relevant, repost it! Try tweaking the content, such as a new image, rewording or asking a question. Now, we don't recommend reposting a promotion every 3 days, try to keep reposts to quality content that a follower can benefit from reading.

6. User Generated Content

User generated content is content that is generated and posted by your followers. These followers post images or video of your products / service and share it on social media. A good example of this, I was recently at a comedy show at Stevie Ray's Comedy Improv within the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Throughout the show, they made it a point to ask visitors to use use their phones, take pictures, take video and post on Facebook & Instagram. At the end of the show, they would pick a winner to receive free tickets. Sure enough, throughout the night I saw dozens of people taking pictures and posting them to social media.

Now, not every business has the spontaneous content as you find at an improv comedy show, but there are still ways you can leverage your followers to create interesting user generated content.

Tips to encourage user generated content

  • Ask clients to take & share photos or videos that feature your products.
  • Create fill-in-the-blank Facebook or Twitter posts and encourage engagement.
  • Incentivize engagement through promotions or give-aways.


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