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I Want to Grow My Small Business...But I Can't Find The Employees

I Want to Grow My Small Business...But I Can't Find The Employees

Small businesses make up 86.8% of all businesses in the United States so each employee has a significant impact on business performance. Small businesses under 20 employees make up 17.9% of the total people employed. What happens when the business cannot attract talent to their business? The company can no longer grow and sometimes may not even be able to maintain their current level of business due to unforeseen circumstances. As I meet with small business owners on a consistent basis this remains their #1 struggle: finding qualified employees.

Where can you go to find qualified employees? First, start by identifying your business and the local job boards and directories that are available for you to post at either a low or no cost to your small business. Have you checked with your local unemployment office? This is a great place to start for persons actively looking for new employment. There are also industry specific job boards available. It will take a few minutes for you to search the web to find these and then identify the ones available in your geographic area. Local newspapers have an online posting available that in today’s technology is a better offer then in print form if you want to go that route. Another opportunity that sometimes is overlooked is networking with other business in the area as well as friends, families and current employees. Wouldn’t it be great if every employee you hired came with a personal reference from someone in your network that you have a trusted relationship with?

Have you identified a local college that offers the education degree/trade degree that you are looking for? Partner with the professors at the college that is closest to you and they will start to refer people to you. It can be a win for both parties as you the business owner could be a guest speaker for the classes which provides real life experiences to share with the students. This can take some time to develop the relationship but will become a consistent flow of qualified employees for your company as time goes on.

When it is time to place an employment ad be specific and concise about the position you are hiring for and the experience and quality you are looking for. Be up front and honest on what you are looking for in the ideal employee. Hiring the right person for your company will take time and effort, which can be frustrating at the time, but in the long run it will save you time and money by hiring the right person…. Not the first person to raise their hand for the job. As a small business owner there are many priorities that you are faced with however the most important thing you can spend time on is hiring great people as they are the face of your business and you are dependent on them to perform.


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