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4 Signs Your Business Needs A New Website In The New Year

4 Signs Your Business Needs A New Website In The New Year

Technology is always evolving, making it essential that web design trends evolve in order to keep up with the latest technology. Mobile-friendly design, user-focused approaches, and other advances in web design have made it possible for businesses to create more effective websites and build stronger connections with their customers.

However, not all web design trends are worth implementing on your site. Any time you make updates to your site, it’s important to focus on making strategic changes that will truly benefit your business. Here are a few signs it’s time to update your website, and some tips to help you get started:

Sign #1 | Your website is hard to navigate

A simple, user-friendly interface should be at the core of your website’s design. If your users can’t easily find what they need on your website, or have a frustrating experience, they’re much less likely to commit to a purchase. Beyond causing you to lose out on business, a frustrating or overly-complex design can leave visitors with a negative first impression that can be difficult to overcome.

While it’s important to design a website that focuses on your business goals, you still need to put your customers’ needs first. If your website doesn’t meet their needs, they won’t have any incentive to purchase from your business. Here are a few ways to improve your site’s navigation to provide a better user experience:

  • Create An Organized Sitemap. To create an effective layout that’s easy for users to navigate, it helps to start by creating a well-organized sitemap. Build out individual pages for each of your core products or services, and then organize those based on theme. Individual service pages can be nested within the most relevant theme page, creating a layout that is logical and easy to navigate. 


Olson Family Chiropractic features a well-organized layout so prospective patients can easily learn more about their core services

  • Write Content That’s Easy to Skim. Often, visitors arrive on your site looking for very specific information. Perhaps they want to learn more about a specific service you offer, or to find out the best way to start the purchase process. While it’s important to provide plenty of information on your site, you also want to ensure that readers can quickly and easily find the exact information they need. Breaking each page of content into themed sections, and including elements such as bullet point lists or accordions, make it easier for visitors to quickly find answers.
  • Don’t Forget About Mobile Users. In order to get the best possible result from your website, you need to provide a quality experience on any device. Chances are, a large number of your visitors are browsing on mobile, so if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re probably missing out on leads. By using responsive design, you can create a website that adjusts to suit any screen size.

Sign #2 | Your website doesn't match your brand

To help you reach your full potential online, your website needs to match your current branding. If your website doesn’t complement the look and feel of your brand, you’re missing out on key opportunities to build connections with your customers. Effective branding will help reinforce your identity and help you stand out from your competition. 

Through strategic design, you can make a lasting impression on website visitors and inspire them to take action while on your site. Here are some tips for tying your brand identity into your web design:

  • Use Brand Colors Consistently. Your brand colors provide a visual representation of your business. Including your brand colors throughout your web design allows you to create a tailored and cohesive look for your site, while also establishing brand recognition. Try using the main colors from your logo as the central color theme of your site, and include accent colors to help calls-to-action pop without detracting from the overall look.
  • Show Your Personality. Building a brand online requires more than simply creating a site that looks good. Your website should also be a reflection of your personality and showcase what makes you unique. Perhaps playful colors and witty copywriting capture your brand more accurately than a traditional color scheme and conventional copy. 
  • Include Video Content. One great tool for including brand colors and imagery, while also showcasing your personality, is video content. Through banner videos, informational videos, and other animated content, you can add branded elements to your site in a more engaging and creative way.


The Legacy Chocolates website incorporates brand colors (and personality) to make a strong impression on website visitors.

Sign #3 | Your website's SEO strategy is lacking (or non-existent)

A sleek, well-designed website is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but you also need to make sure your target audience can find your website. Through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, you can improve your ranking in key search results and increase the odds that potential customers will find you online. 

There are a number of different factors that determine your ranking. For that reason, developing an SEO strategy can quickly become a complicated undertaking and implementing your strategy can require even more effort. You’ll want to make sure you have the time and resources to monitor your website’s performance and make adjustments to your strategy over time if needed. For tips on creating and maintaining your SEO strategy, check out our blog SEO 101: For Beginners And Beyond.

Sign #4 | Your business isn't getting any leads

A low conversion rate is one of the clearest signs that it’s time to update your site. Even if your site is ranking well, and getting a steady stream of traffic, a lack of conversions can indicate there are major issues with your website’s design. Perhaps your website’s content is bland or uninformative, or the design itself doesn’t inspire your audience to take action. 

In order to make informed decisions, make sure you are tracking your website’s performance. Using a free tool such as Google Analytics, you can tap into a great deal of valuable insight about your website visitors and their behavior on your site. Take some time to learn more about how your website is truly performing before making any major changes to your design.

Updating your website can be a major undertaking, but with the right strategy you can create a more effective site that generates better results for your business. If you need help building a stronger digital presence, contact our team today for your free Digital Marketing Blueprint. Your custom Blueprint will provide you with feedback on your current digital presence, as well as tips and tools to help you make strategic improvements


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