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3 Ways to Improve Your Google Local Services Ads

3 Ways to Improve Your Google Local Services Ads

We’ve all been there before…


Whether you’re a DIY appliance repair master or don’t even know where the fuse box is located in your house, we all have one thing in common: When something in our home breaks, we want it fixed as quickly as possible.

That’s why most people resort to Google for steering them in the right direction of all home services providers near them. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger, any homeowner can instantly obtain a list of local services that apply to their current predicament.

So how does your home services business show up on that list? Four words: Google Local Services Ads.

What Are the Benefits of Google Local Services Ads?

Showing up in relevant local service ad search results draws more attention (and leads) to your home services business, leading to more long-lasting relationships with customers in your community.

And Local Service Ads are essentially the most cost-effective paid advertising strategies you can embark upon, as you only pay for every lead you get rather than every click you receive.

Utilizing Google Local Service Ads helps enhance the online presence of any small business, with benefits ranging from:

  • Establishing more trust and credibility with your business by earning Google Guarantee Badges
  • Ranking higher in any relevant, local search engine results
  • Overseeing success rates of paid advertising campaigns and better assessing ROI
  • Directly connecting with customers actively searching for your services
  • Driving more traffic to your website and social media channels

The advantages of Google Local Service Ads are abundant, but it takes a little elbow grease to rank higher.

Here are three essential tips for improving the performance of your Google Local Services Ads!

1 | Optimize Your Ad Settings

First things first: To make the most out of your Google Local Service Ads, you must fully flesh out your ad settings and optimize them to their fullest potential.

Job types, service areas, hours of operation; All of these aspects of your business need to be implemented into your ad settings to determine who will come across your ads.

Here are some general guidelines for successfully optimizing your Local Service Ad settings!

Target Markets | It’s a general rule of thumb to target a maximum of three markets (cities, towns, zip codes, counties, etc.) your business wants to advertise toward. (Strictly speaking, if your business only has one location.) The more markets you want to target, the harder it can get to rank higher in each market consistently. You’ll also want to confirm that the locations you’re trying to target are within proximity to your target audience.

Business Info & Bio | Incorporating as much relevant information as possible into your ad listings is crucial. Your business bio is what people will look at when they come across your Local Service Ad, which means you only have so many words to include to entice a reader into choosing your business. In addition to essential information such as hours of operation and service areas, be sure to include your value propositions – what makes your company stand out from the competition. Examples include your unique qualifications, certifications, guarantees, discounts, etc.

Target Keywords | Implementing significant target keyword research ultimately makes your Local Service Ad more visible in local search results, as well as appeases Google’s algorithms when ranking local businesses. Be sure to incorporate industry-specific target keywords and relevant search phrases directly attributed to your area and industry, and incorporate this process into all content you produce online.

Custom Imagery | The more custom photography you can incorporate into your Local Service Ads, the more credible you’ll appear in the eyes of your target audience. In addition to establishing more trust, custom imagery is another attributing factor that Google’s algorithms take into consideration when finalizing their search result rankings.

2 | Increase Your Online Reviews

If you haven’t figured this out already, it’s time to finally learn: ONLINE REVIEWS ARE YOUR FRIEND!

The more reviews (specifically positive reviews) you can accumulate, the more legitimate you’ll come across to Google, which will help your Local Service Ad rank higher and perform better.

This is why it’s crucial to encourage all of your customers and clientele to leave online reviews of your business via your Google My Business Profile.

Keep in mind: If your online review rating slips below 3.0, Google will automatically suppress your ad results and performance, meaning you need to implement successful online review management if you aren’t doing so already.

3 | Respond & Engage With Inquiries

You can fully optimize your Google Local Service Ad and boast the highest online review ratings in your community, but if you fail to respond or engage with any inquiries actively, your advertising performance will suffer.

The faster you are responding to leads, the higher your ad rankings will continue to climb.

On the other hand, taking too long to respond to customer inquiries will negatively impact your Local Service Ad rankings – not to mention dismay your leads to enlist competitors' services.

Make sure you have real-time notifications set up on your smartphone or mobile device for leads and inquiries you receive via your Local Service Ad, so you can respond right away and move forward with converting each lead into a customer.

Professional Paid Advertising Management With Triton Commerce

As you can see, there are plenty of elements that go into nailing your Google Local Service Ad campaign. If you’ve already got enough on your plate when it comes to managing your small business, you can always leave it up to the digital marketing professionals to ensure your Local Service Ads are performing the way they should!

At Triton Commerce, we have vast experience working with home service businesses, providing them with custom paid advertising solutions so they can improve their online presence and generate more leads in the process. Contact ustoday to speak directly with our team of paid advertising specialists!