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Demographic Ads

A Demographic Advertising campaign with Triton Commerce will allow your company to reach those most likely to buy your product or service, while tracking your ROI.

Demographic Advertising

Talk to those who are interested in exactly what you have to offer!  Demographic Advertising is a super cost-effective avenue for building the awareness of your business. Using targeted strategies, we display banner ads throughout the internet, on pages housing content that is related to your product or service in one way or another. We also display your ads to those who best fit your target demographic based on their age, gender, location, and interests. What is a slick method for small businesses to gain brand awareness, while only spending money on those most likely to purchase your product or service, wouldn't you say?

For example, let's say you run a landscaping company and you want to target potential clients within a 25-mile radius of your business. At Triton Commerce, we can target those who are reading articles online about landscaping trends, reviewing pictures of landscaping ideas, and even those who have purchased a home within the past 12-months. 

Why You Need Demo Ads

  • Zero in on prospects by age, gender, location & interests
  • Target customers by the subject they're researching
  • Build brand awareness
  • Show ads on thousands of sites
  • See How Your Business Can
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