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Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

If not, as of April 21st you may no longer appear on mobile searches.  This may be a challenge for your business right now more that 50% of all searches are conducted on a mobile device.  Why would this be happening?  Well, Google has decided to reward those sites that are mobile responsive as a service to their customers.  Google’s customer is the person searching, not the business.  Their effort is to make it easier for their customer to find what they are looking for…..and since searching is ever increasing on mobile devices it only makes sense to show sites that the customer can easily navigate through on their mobile device.

What does this mean for you?  If you have a mobile responsive site that meets Google’s expectations then you are good to go!  If you do not, you have work in front of you if you would like to show up in Google’s mobile search.  If you do not pass and have not begun work on your site you will feel a decline on the traffic through your site.   Unless you have a team of skilled design specialists on call you will most likely need to work with a company to design your website to meet these expectations.  The quicker you get on top of this the less impact it will have on your continual overall ranking.  Reach out to Triton Commerce to understand how we can help you meet and exceed these changes as well as how we can partner with you to increase your traffic to your site with our tested designs and inbound marketing plans!

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