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How to Use Landing Pages to Capture Leads

How to Use Landing Pages to Capture Leads

Want to capture quality leads and increase the conversion rates of your digital marketing or advertising campaign? Creating an effective landing page is one of the best ways to do just that, while making the most of your budget. Today, we’ll go over what exactly a landing page is, when to use one, and how a landing page differs from a regular web page. We’ll also share the benefits of different types of landing pages and help guide you to the right strategy for your current needs.

What Is A Landing Page?

Also sometimes called a “destination page,” a landing page is a standalone web page (separate from your main website) that is designed for one subject with a singular objective. Visitors land on a landing page after clicking on a digital paid ad, search result, or link.

Since a landing page is created for a specific purpose—to convert visitors into leads or sales—the copy on the page contains strong calls-to-action meant to entice visitors to perform a specific action, such as fill out a contact form, sign up for an email newsletter or event, or purchase a product. And while a typical web page features many content, design, and navigation elements, a landing page is focused solely on conversion, and is therefore much more simplified. The only links the page contains are directly related to the campaign’s objective, so as not to distract visitors with other options.

In summary: Whatever the action is that you want to achieve from your campaign, a landing page’s one goal is to persuade a visitor to do it.

When Should A Landing Page Be Used?

Most advertising campaigns drive traffic by targeting a set of keywords or promoting a special offer. When a visitor clicks on an ad, they expect that the page they land on will match the ad’s copy. If the landing page is confusing whatsoever, most visitors will exit out within just a few seconds. This is why sending visitors to your homepage—or even an on-topic interior page of your website—can be ineffective. In addition, your website’s navigation menu and other off-topic link areas can also create wandering funnel paths that steer visitors away from the intended conversion area, reducing your campaign’s overall ROI.

For all the reasons above, you should try to use a landing page for every one of your inbound marketing campaigns. It will help guide your visitors in exactly the direction you want them to take.

Different Types of Landing Pages

There are two basic types of landing pages:

  1. Click-Through Landing Page: Often used by e-commerce companies, a click-through landing page is the simplest type of landing page. Clear, concise copy on the page describes only the necessary details about the campaign, while the design typically includes a single button as the call-to-action. This limits the visitor to only being able to read the content and click through to whatever page the CTA button links to (often the company’s website or contact page).
  2. Lead Generation Landing Page: Sometimes referred to as “squeeze page,” a lead generation landing page is designed to ”squeeze” a visitor into providing their contact email address. Usually, there will be some sort of incentive, like access to an e-Book, for the visitor to fill out a contact form with their information. This type of landing page is often used to help a company build an email list of potential customers.

Not sure which type of landing page is best for your campaign? It depends on your objectives and business model. Decide what you want visitors to accomplish on your site that makes the most sense for your business, and make it easy to convert.

Your website tells the story of your brand as a whole and provides your customers with a wealth of information about your products and services. Potential customers can navigate through your site, develop a better understanding of who you are, and gather the information they are searching for in order to make a purchasing decision. While your website is a powerful lead-generating tool, there are times when a more focused approach is needed to promote your business. If you need help with a custom landing page design, contact Triton Commerce! We create high-quality, compelling landing pages that get the right message in front of the right people at the right time.