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We'll not only create your full digital marketing strategy; we'll also execute what makes sense, when it makes sense -- based on your goals, industry, and target customers.

Web Design
Web Design

(UX/UI Design, Websites, Web Development)

  • Designs that portray you as a trusted authority in your industry
  • Custom website layouts that enhance your branding
  • Strategically placed Calls-to-Action to capture and retain your leads
  • Optimal SEO practices incorporated to increase traffic to your website
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Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

(Content Creation, Brand Awareness, Engagement)

  • Clear, concise content that catches the distinct voice and message of your brand
  • Consistent and quality content marketing to draw in organic traffic
  • A wider sales funnel leading to a shortened buying cycle
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Search Engine Optimization

(Search Rankings, Analytics)

  • Customized keyword research and strategy that fits your niche
  • An optimal Google My Business profile
  • Directory Listing management to satisfy leads & Google
  • Ongoing SEO strategy and practices to attract and increase your ideal leads
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Paid Ad Management
Paid Ads

(Retargeting, Ad Integration, Ad Management)

  • Customized ad campaigns that target and retarget your ideal client
  • Tracking + PPC campaign modifications to guarantee optimal success
  • Captivating ads created to seize your lead's attention
  • The latest custom PPC strategies to convert your leads at a higher rate
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How we help salons and spas beautify their success.

At Triton Commerce, we offer a wide range of digital marketing services specifically tailored to your beauty and personal care company’s goals. From sleek web designs to SEO solutions that will help you outrank your competition, contact us to get started on your digital marketing makeover!

Get Found

Be everywhere your customers are looking.

  • Outrank your competition
  • Only target qualified buyers
  • Decrease your cost per acquisition

Get Leads

Drastically increase phone calls & emails.

  • Convert more leads
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Make your website your best salesman

Grow Fast

Expand faster & more efficiently.

  • Increase sales
  • Gain higher dollar clientele
  • Know exactly what your ROI is

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Medical Tattoo & Cosmetic Center of America

Tailored to match the calm, serene experience customers receive at Medical Tattoo & Cosmetic Center, the website is full of both beauty and information. So that it is not overwhelming, expanded information is strategically placed within accordion sections that can be expanded should the end user chose to.

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Medical Tattoo & Cosmetic Center of America Website

Trusted by the best companies

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Successful Marketing for Beauty & Personal Care Businesses

It's crucial to have an accessible, easy-to-find site with intuitive navigation. When a prospective customer looks into medical tattoos, beauty salon products, cosmetic surgeries, and so on, they're bound to have a lot of questions. In times like these, people typically turn to their favorite search engine, like Google or Safari, and inquire about services you might provide and pick one of the top outcomes. Triton Commerce helps ensure that your company's website stands out and rises to the top. We accomplish this by constructing you a customized, extensive digital marketing plan.

You need specialists in the field who understand the complexities of digital strategies and the beauty industry when it comes to effective marketing approaches. Luckily for you, our specialists at Triton Commerce have years of experience in both these fields.

What does a thorough strategy look like?

In many cases, companies looking for digital marketing help will request only a site, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, or a paid advertising campaign. It's true that each of these facets are important to the success of your online presence; however, only investing effort in one of these locations won't achieve the results you want to see. If your site isn't easy to use, it will not matter how many individuals come to you through paid ads or organic traffic. In the same vein, having a gorgeous, easy-to-navigate site won't matter if you aren't utilizing the best SEO practices or sending people to your website through PPC or a similar paid project. Nevertheless, when all these components work together, you get a high-performing website that converts and attracts organic visitors.

Web Design

Your personal care and beauty business's voice and branding are essential to leaving a long lasting impression on potential clients. Our site designers and developers at Triton Commerce collaborate to create a web design that radiates your special messaging. Your site's style will not only encapsulate the essence of your charm, but it will be built to convert leads. We accomplish this by strategically positioning Calls-to-Action for optimal user experience and engagement.

Inbound Marketing

Triton Commerce works hard to offer a successful and comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that will help you convert leads and accomplish your personal care company's goals. We instill the very best SEO practices into every custom-made web design, which includes high-level copywriting and on-going content strategies to keep your site current. Plus, we can optimize your social media management and Google My Business profile so that everything operates in tandem to improve your general online presence, drive traffic, and generate leads.


Beauty and personal care business SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essential for encouraging organic traffic. Organic traffic alludes to possible clients who find your website all by themselves. What helps them discover you online is enhancing your site for search engines like Google, Safari, Yahoo, Bing, and so on. Our professionals understand exactly which keywords to target and how to integrate finest SEO practices to set up your site for long-term success. This includes handling your online listings and enhancing your Google My Business profile to better strengthen your business's SEO.

Paid Campaigns

At Triton Commerce, our top-tier digital marketing team brainstorms to conceptualize an effective and strategic paid advertising campaign that fits your budget and specific needs while engaging your target demographics. In addition to this, we closely monitor your digital advertisements development, tweaking information as needed for finest results.

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Triton Commerce has proudly established and maintained a number of successful beauty and personal care sites. Our digital marketing team has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization reach and exceed your overall goals. If you're interested in investing in a winning beauty and personal care marketing solution by enhancing total engagement, traffic, and lead generation, give us a call at 651-320-0578 or contact us today.

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