6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for 2022


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6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

UFFDA! Business owners sure experienced no shortage of challenges in 2022!

From a deadly virus and socio-political turmoil to the cooling economy, unprecedented changes and uncertainty kept us all scrambling to keep up this year. For businesses utilizing digital marketing, it’s been difficult to make reliable predictions about things like advertising costs or whether the current e-commerce boom will last.

That said, the importance of digital marketing hasn't lessened. In fact, it’s become even more crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence. To survive and thrive going forward, business owners must closely monitor their online goals and performance metrics and be ready to adapt their digital marketing strategies quickly to accommodate new trends.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s online reputation and overall success next year and beyond, start by making sure you have the right foundation. These six digital marketing tools are a must for 2022!

Tool #1: Lead Converting Website

It’s not enough for your business to have a website these days – you need a site that captures interested visitors and converts them into customers.How good or bad is your website? If it has a responsive design, strong calls to action, and on-page SEO, you’re in a pretty good place.

Tool #2: SEO

To generate quality leads, you must target the right audience and drive them to your website or landing pages. The best way to do this is through an inbound marketing process known as search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO works by incorporating relevant keywords and useful content in your digital marketing materials. By optimizing your content to improve its rank in Google and other search results, you can position your business in front of customers who are searching for products or services like yours at the right time.

Tool #3: PPC Ads

Your competitors are using PPC ads, are you? PPC is a marketing term that covers all paid digital campaigns where advertisers pay publishers and platforms to direct traffic back to their site.

Depending on your audience, goals, and budget, you may want to consider search advertising, display advertising, social media ads, remarketing ads, or other types of paid online advertising.

Tool #4: Reputation Management

Word of mouth still matters, it’s just moved online. Most people consult the internet before making an important decision, and over 80% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Reputation management software makes it easy to promote your business’s positive reviews and address any negative ones before they do serious damage to your bottom line.

Tool #5: Social Media Strategy

Staying active on social media is important for nearly every business, but without a proper strategy, it can be a fruitless time suck. Which social media platform is best for your business? What time of day is your audience most active online? What specific goals do you have for each channel? These are the types of questions that you’ll need to answer to create a successful social media strategy.

Tool #6: Analytics

While you’re putting all of this effort into your online brand, you’ll also need to find a way to measure digital marketing performance across various channels. Luckily, KPIs are super measurable in the digital space!

Free tools like Google Analytics allow you to view a variety of insightful data, such as which social posts and ads drive the most traffic to your website or what users are doing once they land there. From there, you can make adjustments to your digital marketing strategy based on performance.

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