Training Triton - Watch as Fractional Toys trains Triton Commerce on a hard days work.

Episode 1: Fractional Toys

Watch as Matt is trained in on what it takes to get people on the road at Fractional Toys.

About Fractional Toys

About Fractional Toys

Like many people, you have probably dreamed of having a garage full of fast, fun, luxury toys. Unfortunately, it’s hard to justify the total cost of ownership, maintenance, and depreciation that purchasing those toys entails. With Fractional Toys, you can get all of the adventure with owning your very own outdoor recreational vehicle for a fraction of the cost and none of the maintenance.

In 2012, Rick Barstow created a solution. Leveraging over 15 years of boating experience, including four in the United States Navy, Rick realized what Twin Cities customers really want— way to spend time outdoors without the cost and maintenance of owning a recreational vehicle of their own. That year, Fractional Toys was born. Committed to providing you with the experiences of a lifetime

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