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In 2020 alone, storms caused more than $3.1 billion in insurance claims and damages, and it's a natural reaction for homeowners to turn to the primary source for searching – Google – in the aftermath. If your home remodeling company offers specialized repair from storm damage, you want those potential customers to find you first. But how?

By increasing your online visibility and accessibility!

If someone is searching Google and types in "exterior damage home remodelers," and your business does not appear on the first page, that is a potentially lost client. Fortunately, there are ways to implement digital marketing strategies that can help you connect with customers who need your services now.

Implementing digital content about storm damage and applying local ad campaigns are both key to finding potential customers for your home remodeling business in today’s world. Let’s dive a little deeper into the details, so you can start targeting customers better from season to season!

Targeting Made Easy

When homeowners need remodeling services after storm damage, it can be unclear deciding which contractor to choose. One successful ad campaign can help remind people in your area about your local services and offer reassurance that you are the right choice for them!

The act of retargeting your campaign can also help you stay in contact with people who have shown interest in your business before. Retargeting ads track your previous website visitors, prompting your ad to pop up when those users access Google or Facebook for services similar to yours.

A successful retargeting ad campaign consists of:

  • Compelling and empathetic content with strong calls to action (like “Get a free quote”)
  • Advertisements for the specific services or products the visitors are searching for
  • Headlines that help gain the customer's trust and keep their attention
  • Call to action buttons that are accessible, persuasive, and offer multiple options

Retargeting ads are productive because they are designed to meet the needs of your audience without being overly aggressive or invasive (like doorknockers in the real world).

And the more compelling and accessible your home remodeling website is, the more successful your conversion ratio will become!

Utilizing Emails for Customer Connection

Retargeting ads are highly beneficial, but if you also want to grow your client database, you should implement an email marketing strategy.

Email marketing offers a direct connection with possible leads and new customers and, at the same time, provides useful information for previous clients who might return for additional services. Your home remodeling company should start storing email addresses and sending personalized emails to every customer you come in contact with.

You can build on that email base through different strategies:

  • Require an email address in your online contact forms
  • Add an email newsletter subscription option to your website
  • Collect email addresses through ads on Google or Facebook
  • Promote email sign up buttons on your social media platforms
  • Email incentivized exclusive offers
  • Encourage your subscribers to share or forward your email

Once you understand how to start building a customer database with prospective email addresses, you can take the time to reach out to your contacts directly anytime there's a storm to see if they need home remodeling assistance. Ensure that any emails you send are precise for your clients and are reassuring, empathetic, and concise responses to receive the help they need.

Domination of Local Results in Searches

Retargeting and email advertising are highly beneficial, but you also want to make sure that when individuals are Googling "home remodeling repair services," you come out on top. Generally speaking, the homeowner's first action will be getting on Google to get the services they need.

Here are three strategies to push your home remodeling business over the others in localized searches:

  • Utilize a Google My Business profile
  • Advertise via Google ads and local service ads with pay per click investments
  • Make sure your Google Maps listing is optimized

Your first step is to make sure that you have activated your Google My Business profile for your home remodeling company. There's a good chance your GMB is already created and just needs you to verify it.

GMB provides customers information such as your company’s phone number and address, but more importantly, it allows users to access reviews about your home remodeling company instantly. For that reason and more, it's essential to create a strong presence on the first page for local search results.

Ensure that your profile is fleshed out because if not, it can decrease your success with investing in per click ads or local service ads. This is primarily because they all need a detailed and updated GMB profile to function correctly.

Another consideration is looking at your rankings on Google Maps. Having a detailed GMB profile will create a higher ranking on the map search. Taking the time to add keywords and updated, categorized, detailed, reviewed information on the profile will help to establish more credibility with Google Maps and associated algorithms.

Compelling Calls to Action

Once you've worked to target customers and help increase your search results and visibility, you'll want to compel visitors to utilize your services.

Some ways to improve your conversion rates for your home modeling company are:

  • Call to action buttons that are strategically placed
  • Unique value propositions that are visually apparent and clearly communicated
  • Easy to use contact forms
  • Mobile-friendly web design

The concept is simple when you think of your home remodeling company website as a bridge that prompts the visitor to repair their home after storm damage. You want your website to clearly state why your company is the best choice for their home remodeling needs and encourage them to choose you.

Effective Targeting for Potential Customers

At any point, when a customer needs home remodeling repair, you want your website to be an option when they do their Google search. The more you can make yourself visible, offer evidence of your qualifications, and show you can fit their needs, the higher their chance of utilizing your services.

If your home remodeling company needs expert marketing strategies to help target customers and convert to sales, Triton Commerce is here to help! We have extensive experience in providing companies in the home remodeling industry with website optimization that helps to expand your visibility and connect your company with the right customers.

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