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Our society has become highly competitive, and there can be multiple options for providing one specialized service. Home remodeling companies are prevalent, and customers have a hard time knowing the right one for them. So the first place they look is online for companies that will match the qualifications and that have a solid online presence.

Persistence via online marketing has no comparison when looking at businesses that only rely on word of mouth or referrals. And the truth is, if you are not investing effort, money, and time into digital marketing, you are missing out on hundreds of leads annually. The more time you take to create, maintain, and professionalize your home remodeling website, the easier it is to generate leads that are converted into sales.

Proficiently generation strategies can help your home remodeling company target and reach customers you usually would have missed without a campaign, so let's look at some ideas.

Keeping Your Website Up to Date

Every home's foundation requires structural integrity to build from the ground up, and it's no different with your website. You want to think of your home remodeling page as a representation of what you offer, and you want your customers to remember you are the best in the business.

Conversion optimization for your website can help create more lead generation and get the most ROI for your budget in marketing. What we mean by "conversion optimization" is to use the necessary aspects of web design to increase visitors who come to your website and take action with optimization services.

Various components can help create leads, and those components are:

  • Making sure that your website is performing on mobile devices as efficiently as laptops or desktops
  • Ensuring that your home remodeling site is equipped with SEO optimization that can help create organic leads
  • Having a call to action that's persuasive and effective to generate website leads and convert visitors
  • Website maintenance that's reflexive will help when changes need to be made, from SEO to analytic reporting

These are just a few elements that can help create a web design that's effective for helping to increase lead generation for home remodeling companies.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Suppose you find that your home remodeling company has several other home remodeling companies that are competitors. In that case, you want to take advantage of a pay-per-click or Google ad campaign to make your business stand out from the others.

These campaigns can help put your home remodeling website at the top of any Google search, which means your company will be the first one users see.

If you have a successful and effective strategy, it can significantly increase generation from the website and offer other advantages, such as:

  • Immediate results with search engine rankings and website traffic
  • Specifically target demographics to your home remodeling company
  • Real-time analytic results so you can gauge and measure the effectiveness of the strategy
  • Only paying for clicks and leads while having a positive ROI
  • Opportunities to target visitors who didn't engage in your site for your services

Paid advertising campaigns are considered the ultimate long-term strategy and can effectively achieve results when it comes to lead generation for your home remodeling business.

Reeling in the Leads Through Retargeting

In the situation where a customer leaves your home remodeling office, it can be challenging to try to get them to come back, but with website visitors, this is not the case.

Retargeting works to help you follow anyone who's visited the site and offer a second chance to use your home remodeling service. It helps to use cookie-based technology that utilizes JavaScript code tracking to trail visitors anonymously. This means that once they visit your website, your advertisements will make appearances when they are doing Google searches or on social media.

It’s typical for visitors to have a hesitancy to make a purchase of services on their first visit. Retargeting allows you to stay in their feed, so you're fresh in their minds when they're ready to make the purchase.

Email Marketing

One aspect of successful lead generation is communicating with the customers you have worked with and potential new customers who visited your home remodeling site but did not purchase. Email marketing is a source to connect with the customers or leads directly and allows you to offer promotions to compelling parties to use your services.

An estimated 80% of Americans check their email accounts daily for communication, interaction and ask questions about the companies they are interested in.

An email marketing strategy can effectively strengthen your relationships by:

  • Sending personalized content
  • Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Offering weekly updates with exclusive news or offers
  • Gaining measured results to track the marketing efficiency
  • Increasing website traffic and lead generation opportunities

The fact is that the more visitors and customers you can get to sign up for your emails, the more time you have to connect with them and retain their business.

Fleshing Out Your Online Presence

The most significant factor is credibility when it comes to influencing customers. One of the best ways to increase your credibility and help gain trust is to expand and enhance your home remodeling company's presence online.

Online reviews are a lifeline for how individuals do their research and what their perceptions are about a business. Incorporating free management services can help increase traffic and improve your presence online and establish trust with your customers.

Review management also helps to increase your Google My Business rank. It receives over 25% of visitors from Google Maps results and 16% from Google My Business listings, so it makes sense why you would need the system for your home modeling business.

Physical Branding

Digital marketing is a go-to for anyone who has a website online, and when you can implement successful strategies, you can see an increase in your leads that can turn into sales. It's also imperative to continue branding your business in the real world also. Buying a graphic wrap for a company vehicle or getting business cards made is essential to keep your business viewable to the general public.

By having a healthy mix of physical and digital marketing, you can increase your brand on all the major platforms and generate leads from Google searches.

Convert and Generate More Leads With Triton Commerce

Your home remodeling business is your heart and soul, and you will do everything you can to make it successful. With Triton Commerce, our primary objective is to help home remodeling companies generate more leads through effective marketing strategies. We have the innovative solutions required to help you achieve instant lead generation results.

If you would like to know more about how you grow your presence, click now or give us a call at 651-321-0578.

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