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Building a home from start to finish is a long process that takes structure, planning, investment, and time. It requires a deep understanding of the systems that build a house foundation, from cement to walls.

The process of getting noticed on Google is not much different!

Ranking higher in the world’s most popular search engine requires understanding what helps a business get seen. Considering that Google is the primary source for customers searching for a reliable contractor, your website must be easily accessible, or get lost among the millions of others competing to be number one.

With all the competition online, especially when it comes to visibility and clickability, you need extra support to stand out. Google plays a crucial role in your business’s growth, like it or not. It has accounted for an average clickthrough rate of over 28%; 85% of consumers use search engines for locating contractors, and 55% of the clicks are for the first three search results on the first page.

Now that you understand how important it is to be on the first page of Google, the next question is, “How?”

Here are some additional effective marketing strategies you can utilize to help your home remodeling company come out on top!

Google My Business Optimization

Let's say you get a late night craving for a deep-dish pepperoni pizza. What are the words you will use for Google to locate it?

It's probably something like "deep dish pepperoni pizza near me," and you would not be alone in this. Local searches on Google include the words 'near me' in 50% of searches, and there's been an increase of over 200% in recent years.

What does this mean for a home remodeling company that's trying to come out on top of all the other "house contractors near me?" The answer is in the letters GMB to get more leads.

These letters are an essential step toward creating your visibility on Google and raising you in the local search rankings for your business. GMB or Google My Business helps place your roofing company into account for all local searches while letting consumers know essential information about your company, like contact information for hours of operation.

If you're not familiar with GMB, here's some information to help you understand why it's essential to get your hosting:

  • It's free! This means it costs you nothing for the extra work to get your business promoted on Google.
  • It will boost your website's appearance on Google Maps and local searches too.
  • The more information you can provide for the profile, the higher you rank in the searches and map results.
  • It can help increase engagement with searchers by offering a call to action and easier accessibility to reach your company.
  • It works as free advertising on a trusted and highly used search engine.

And the chances are if you have never set up a Google My Business listing, there's probably already one that exists for your company, but you need to claim it. After going through the verification process, you can manage any information and do any essential updates for your company by answering questions that Google needs.

Local Service Ads

If your main priority is to get to the top of the list of home remodelers in your area, you need to implement LSAs or Local Service Ads. LSAs help your company's website get leads directly from potential customers for services.

LSAs work when someone searches for a service like home remodelers, and the ad appears at the top of the results. This leaves the option for the individuals searching for scanning the top row and clicking on your ad, which can help them contact you directly without even going to your website.

Once the lead converts to an engagement, you'll get a notification from the app, and you can contact the customer. The great thing is that the only time you spend money is when people are interested in utilizing your company, because it only charges you if it generates a lead.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords helps to advertise as a pay-per-click network. What this means is that advertisers will pay Google to target individuals based on their keyword searches. It will also go as far as to streamline based on what device the user is accessing the information on and their location. The idea is to facilitate targeting the ads to the searchers specifically interested in your company's products to target customers.

When you create your ad, you can select phrases or keywords that go with your home remodeling company, which will appear whenever someone searches for those keywords. Once established, you can start bidding on the placement of your ad determined by what you're willing to invest, and the quality indeed evaluates your company's online credibility.

Google Maps

Google Maps is crucial to helping improve visibility and accessibility for your customers. If people are looking for home remodelers and the company is close to them, the quality of your GMB will dictate how fast your listing shows up.

If you have a highly optimized GMB listing and it's categorized well with detailed, keyworded, information the faster and more visible it will be on Google map searches.

What’s the Best Choice for Your Home Remodeling Business?

The direct way to get noticed on Google is to combine SEO with paid ads to create a marketing strategy that will pay off in the long run. Learning to utilize the ads while developing your SCO strategies will help generate leads while your home remodeling website continues to go up in the rankings. Having a well-organized plan of action by utilizing the right digital marketing concepts can help your company get to the first page of Google.

Triton Commerce knows digital marketing, and we strive to help our customers blow the rest of the companies out of the water in Google searches. You can give us a call at 651-321-0578 or click on the link for your free consultation.

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