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5 Things Every Home Remodeling Company's Website Needs

It's in people's nature to make changes in their homes, and remodeling has been around for thousands of years. The concept grew as civilization expanded from the ancient cities of Greece and into Western Europe in the 8th century. New styles and functions were coming to life, and people were becoming experts in the field to meet the demands of families and individuals.

Home remodeling services have expanded, and details are where it is at! When you think about it, it's only been a few years that classified ads were the way to find companies. It didn't take much, and something as simple as a 25-word advertisement would be enough to grab someone's attention to make a purchase.

But with our technology, the way it is accessing hundreds of home remodeling companies becomes one swipe. This means the competition is much stronger now, and the first decision to purchase is based on the appearance, performance, and functionality of the home remodeling website a potential customer is looking at.

Therefore it's imperative to assess how well your site is working because, without an efficiently running website, you could be losing out on sales, leads, and return customers. So let's look at five ways to help get your company to the top of the list of "home remodelers near me" on a Google search!

Exceptional Web Design

Design can make all the difference between keeping a customer's attention and then moving on. A good way to look at it is if someone came to see your home remodeling business and all they found was a broken-down trailer, chances are they are not going to be interested.

It is no different when someone comes to your webpage, and it takes .05 seconds for someone to decide if they like the website. A startling study shows that 40% of people will lose interest if the website is unappealing.

It is true when they say you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is why you need your home remodeling website to be professional-looking, easily accessible, and responsive to visitors.

This means incorporating specific elements to support a professional appearance and high-quality performance for your home remodeling website, including:

  • Unique website templates
  • A website that performs optimally on all devices from laptops to cell phones
  • You want a way to encourage engagement and influence prospects for your services
  • The company's identity needs to be highly distinguishable, including the logo, tone, and message you want to convey
  • Any certifications (GAF, Owens Corning Preferred, BBB Accreditation, etc.) must be incorporated to help build trust

These elements combined will help give your home remodeling website excellent for impression end and help raise your rank through Google.

Content Makes the Difference

When you think of applying content to a home remodeling website, you might wonder why there needs to be detail in the content. The truth is that having original, persuasive, and optimized information is one of the biggest ways Google will rank your home remodeling website.

It is also essential for any visitors looking at your site to help them better gauge what your company stands for and what it offers. To get a better understanding, let's look at what engagement content is.

Convincing Through Content

One primary consideration you'll have to make is your tone and wording on your home remodeling website. You want to come across as authentic and relatable to the visitor, so they feel you understand their needs.

Defining Your Audience

You want the content to be streamlined to entice your demographics. This means ensuring you can answer potential questions and create compelling content that will entice them to use your services.

Easy Accessibility Visually

You will want to avoid image clusters and utilize various enhancements with fonts (bullet points, bold font, etc.) and incorporate different headings to create readability ease.

Value Propositions & CTAs

Any CTA button needs to be apparent on every page and easily accessible. The unique value proposition outlines what your company is offering, and it needs to be at the top of each page.

When you apply these four concepts, they will help create persuasive, engaging, and appealing writing when it comes to the design of the content for your home remodeling website.

SEO Support

Marketing can feel a little confusing with all the different acronyms, but there's one specific one you need to get familiar with, and that's SEO (search engine optimization). What this does is optimize your content, so your website performs better than Google.

By applying an SEO strategy built into your home remodeling's website content, it can mean the difference between getting lost in the crowd and being the first on the Google list.

The way you can look at this is if your home remodeling website is a race car and Google is the main track, the SEO is the bolts, nuts, and accessories to help you win.

A successful built-in SEO strategy consists of a few successful elements:

  • Optimization and Research
  • Headings
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Local Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Review management & Directory Services

Based on this information, it's apparent that there are multiple elements the create an efficient strategy. By taking the time and investing energy to incorporate these components, it will do wonders to help increase your home remodeling companies' websites online.


Credibility is the most significant factor that can make a business successful. But to gain and grow credibility online, you need to have your customers create positive reviews of their experiences.

Using testimonials and reviews will help establish confidence and trust with visitors, and by having more positive reviews, you can also generate better rankings in Google searches.

The fact is, your website needs testimonials and reviews to encourage your customers to help spread the word about your exceptional business services and increase rankings..

Photography and Video

Looking at your website from a visitor's perspective will give lots of information on what a great job you do for your customers. To help enhance this experience, we recommend providing images on your home remodeling website.

Having professionally added images and videos and before and after images will increase performance and credibility far more than stock photos.

Upgrade Your Home Remodeling Site With Triton

If you're the owner of a home remodeling company and you are wondering how you're going to get all of these strategies completed, we want you to know you're not alone.

Triton Commerce is the resource you can depend on to take these essential components and enhance your online presence. We specialize in web design and helping our clients convert leads to sales through our marketing strategies.

If you'd like to learn more about upgrading your home remodeling website, contact us for a free blueprint on digital marketing to learn how we can create a more effective strategy for your home remodeling company.

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