When Is The Right Time to Redesign Your Website


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When Is The Right Time to Redesign Your Website

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times to our current and potential clients included . . . the first time you even find yourself thinking it might be time to redesign your website, it is definitely time to redesign your website. Today, with the average consumer spending more time online versus visiting a business in person, a prospect’s first impression of your business is based almost entirely on your website. First time users of sites are creating opinions around how professional your website looks, the credibility it provides, the ease of functionality, and how quickly they can find exactly what they’re looking for. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well would you grade your current website in these areas? A redesign of your website by Triton Commerce can help you score a ten (and even higher) in each of these categories plus more!

Amateur Design

Trust us when we say, we understand because we’ve been there too. We know what it’s like to start a business and just not have the budget to throw towards a professionally website. When Triton Commerce first started, we too had our “little brother” create our website . . . lucky for us though, our little brother had a background in web design and strategy! Still, as mentioned before, we pride ourselves on starting a business from scratch and being in shoes similar to your own. However, if you’re still sending customers to the site your friend’s cousin’s college roommate whipped up for you, it’s time you advance your website a bit, wouldn’t you say?

Dated Design

It’s typically recommended that a website is completely redesigned at least every 2 -3 years so if your website is beyond this suggested timeframe, you may find that your website would feel a bit more outdated that your competitor’s website. An outdated website can leave your visitors wondering if your business is still in existence. And even if the information you provide on the website is still current, a website with an outdated design can give off a negative vibe quicker than they can type Google into their search bar.

Unbranded Design

If your website is not a true reflection of the business you are today, how can it attract your target audience? I’m willing to bet, if there’s confusion about your company brand, culture, or the products and services you sell, your website is not attracting the leads you want. And those that do find and work their way through your site, take fewer actions than you’d like . . whether that’s contacting you for a quote or signing up for consultation. Less action means less money and less money means a lower website ROI.

Dated Technology

It’s been estimated that over 60% of online users today are accessing the Internet through a phone or tablet. Regardless of the industry you’re in or whom you are targeting as prospects, your potential and current customers are a part of this group. Regardless if you feel they are a very loyal customer or a new lead that your product is the perfect solution for, if your site isn’t mobile responsive, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll exit out of your site and see what your competitor is offering instead. A mobile-friendly site will gain you more customers and make you more sales – it’s as simple as that. And now, with Mobilegeddon being a reality, a mobile-friendly site is a must if you want to appear in the returned results for searches performed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Lack of Function

Gone are the days when businesses needed websites, well, because everyone needed a website. Today websites exist to direct your potential customer to complete some sort of action, whether that’s setting up an appointment, requesting more information, or asking for a quote. The options for capturing leads on your website are limitless, if set up properly. If you have a lot of visitors on visiting your site, but few fulfilled actions to show for it, then something isn’t working. Poor navigation? Unclear call-to-action forms? An unproductive website is a clear indication that your website needs a redesign.

Misfired Strategy

Take an honest, hard look at your site. Is it giving you the sales results you need? Your website is meant to bring your business, business! If it's not doing that, it’s time to determine why not and make necessary changes. But what if you don’t know how well your website is or isn’t performing? There are tools and reports that can provide more data than you’ll know what to do with - - and that’s where we can help. At Triton Commerce, we love diving headfirst into reports to help you achieve the best ROI and determine new opportunities that exist for further success through your website.

If several or any of the scenarios above are happening to you, then now is the right time to redesign your company’s website. A redesign can be a huge success. It can also be a huge task to take on when not planned or executed properly. Every redesign needs to start with a clear vision and outline of what a successful website is to your business. The better you are at defining that at the very beginning, the more successful and smoother your entire process will be. Triton Commerce is a full service, web design firm that provides modern marketing solutions with a focus on results from conception to execution. We strive to make web marketing easy, honest and most importantly profitable for you and would greatly enjoy the opportunity the show you the “Triton Difference.” Contact us when you’re ready to redesign your website!

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