Let’s “Taco” ‘Bout Digital Marketing


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Let’s “Taco” ‘Bout Digital Marketing

Let’s “Taco” ‘Bout Digital Marketing

Building an effective digital marketing strategy for your business is much like building the perfect taco. Your perfect taco is not another company’s perfect taco – every business needs a custom digital marketing strategy uniquely tailored to them. However, there are a handful of key ingredients you need for a taco to be a taco – these are the solutions every business should have.

Are you hungry yet?

Let’s taco ‘bout your ideal digital marketing recipe – the foundation ingredients, the meat, the necessities, and the extras that your business needs to build an online strategy so appealing to your audience, they can’t resist digging in.

The Shell: A custom digital marketing strategy

Without a shell, your taco is just a pile of mess. While you may have all of the other ingredients there, you’re still missing the component that holds it all together. We’re talking about your strategy!

When you get into digital marketing, you need to decide on a budget and a strategy for how you’ll spend that budget – and why. Your strategy is your plan of attack, and it should outline in detail many things about your company, including your:

  • Target audience and current typical customer
  • Digital marketing budget
  • Goals – overall and specific to digital marketing
  • Current marketing efforts – what’s working and not working
  • Competitors and how you compare
  • Unique value propositions (unique benefits your company offers)
  • Strategy for monitoring and measuring results

The Meat: Your company website

Once you have a shell for your taco, it’s time to fill it with the most important ingredient first – the meat of your digital marketing strategy: your website.

Think of your website as your company’s online home – it’s the address where people know to find you. Ultimately, you want your website to generate leads for your business. There are a lot of things that go into doing that successfully, including:

  • A custom, user-friendly, and responsive web design
  • Unique content that’s optimized for online search engines like Google
  • Strong branding and calls to action
  • Security features, like an SSL certificate

The Cheese: Inbound Marketing

No taco is complete without cheese in our opinion – it’s a necessity. Maybe beans are your necessity, but we’re not here to get jalapeño business.

Inbound marketing is the cheese (or whatever is your special something) that your taco needs to be tasty to your potential customers online. Inbound marketing is a tool to attract people who are already looking for your products or services online, and it works by putting something people enjoy (like cheese) online, where it will draw them in.

The cheese in your inbound marketing strategy may include a variety of content designed to entice your ideal customers, such as:

The Toppings: Digital Marketing Extras Tailored To Your Goals

Here’s where you can play around a bit, depending on what your business is hungry for.

  • Are you trying to provide faster response times for improved customer service? Consider adding live chat to your website.
  • Do you need help managing your online reputation? Review management software keeps your website updated with recent, positive customer testimonials and let’s you know when you need to respond.

Depending on your company’s unique needs, you may be interested in a variety of digital marketing extras.

Yes, Quac Is Extra!

It’s possible to DIY every component of your digital marketing taco, but we wouldn’t recommend it – some things are just better left in the hands of an experienced chef. And this will probably sound strange at first, but unlike a taco, we wouldn’t recommend using only “organic” ingredients – as in, online content without dollars behind it. Most digital marketing strategies need a boost from Paid Ads.

So yes, the guac is extra – most businesses regularly run paid campaigns to continuously generate new online leads. But, much like that first bite of a perfect taco loaded with the good stuff, it’s totally worth the extra investment – especially when you know what you’re doing (or work with an expert team like ours)!

Digital marketing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. As a business owner, there are many options for outsourcing your digital marketing needs. When you partner with Triton Commerce, we take your business’s history, goals, budget, and concerns all into consideration and recommend the digital marketing solutions we feel are right for your company.

You don’t have to become an expert in online marketing, because you’ll have us in your corner. Contact us today to learn which digital marketing solutions we recommend for your business!