Improve Your Content Marketing With Blogs


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Improve Your Content Marketing With Blogs

Improve Your Content Marketing With Blogs

A great content marketing strategy can help your business reach new customers, build trust and credibility with your target audience, and increase brand recognition, among other benefits. Video should definitely be a part of your strategy – it’s the most popular type of content there is. But don’t discount the power of the written word! Blogs are one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

What exactly is Content Marketing?

Let’s back it up a bit and define content marketing for those who aren’t familiar.

Content marketing is a type of inbound marketing that involves creating and sharing content, such as videos, blogs, emails, and social media posts. This strategy works by attracting your target audience with information that’s valuable and relevant to their lives.

How Does Content Marketing Work Into SEO?

Content marketing is an important component of any Search Engine Optimization strategy, because improving your website’s rank in Google isn’t a one-time task. Maintaining and improving your rank in search results is an ongoing process.

By producing blog posts and other high-quality content on a consistent basis, content marketing can help you stay connected with your audience while boosting your online presence.

  • Every new (SEO-optimized) blog that you publish looks like a new page to search engines. It shows Google that you’re a good source, boosting your rank on search results pages.
  • Think of blogging like casting lines in the online waters. The more quality content (hooks) you put out there, the more opportunities to attract new customers.

How Do Blogs Come Into Play With Content Marketing?

Along with improving your SEO and rank in Google and other search engines, blog content is an effective way to:

  1. Bring High-Quality Traffic to Your Website | Blog content draws in potential customers who are interested in your products or services, even if they’ve never heard of your company before. It allows you to get their attention by offering the information they’re looking for, and while they’re there, convert them into customers by showing what makes your brand the right choice.
  2. Build Credibility in Your Industry | By answering the questions your customer base is searching for and demonstrating knowledge in your industry, content marketing can help your business build an online reputation of credibility.
  3. Promote Your Updates | While social media is an excellent platform for sharing company updates, short captions perform best. It might be difficult to include all of the details about your promotion in a post and actually get people to read it. Instead, write about your updates in a blog, then share the link on social media with a caption that entices your followers to click. Now you’re sending your social media audience (and their followers, if they share your content) to your website!
  4. Stay Ahead of Your Competition | If your top competitor is blogging and you aren’t, your site might rank lower in the search results – and vice versa!

How To Jump Start Your Content Marketing Strategy by Blogging Today!

  1. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. To develop an effective blog strategy, you’ll need to understand your target audience and their needs. You want to be able to anticipate what they’re searching for online, so you can provide the answers and solutions to their questions.
  2. Identify your unique value propositions. What makes your company and products or services unique? You’ll want that information to shine in your blogs.
  3. Identify your goals. Blogs aren’t free unless you’ll be writing them yourself, and even then, you’re putting in time and effort. Make the most of your investment by blogging about topics related to your business goals. For example, if you’re trying to grow your roof repair services, focus more of your blogs on that topic.

While great web design can draw users to your site, content is what keeps them there and guides them along the path toward making a purchase. Need some help with your content marketing strategy? Contact Triton Commerce today to learn about our blogging and content marketing services!