How Remarketing Ads Lead to Higher Conversions


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How Remarketing Ads Lead to Higher Conversions

How Remarketing Ads Lead to Higher Conversions

It’s amazing when a new customer finds your website and buys a product or contacts you right away to schedule a service. If only every sale was that simple! However, customers like to shop around, so it’s common for them to check out a website and leave without converting. Remarketing ads are strategically designed to recapture a potential lead’s attention after they’ve left and nudge them back to your site.

You’ve likely been targeted by remarketing ads yourself. They tend to follow you around after you’ve visited a website. But are they actually effective?

What Are Remarketing Ads and How Do They Work?

Remarketing ads: Online ads that are shown to specific audiences based on their activity.

If someone shows interest in your brand, such as by visiting your website or clicking on one of your ads, remarketing ads follow them as they browse other websites, apps, and social media. The goal of remarketing ads is to increase brand awareness and remind potential customers to make a purchase.

In order to use remarketing ads, a tracking code must be added to your website. Then, when a user visits your site, a piece of code is automatically placed on their browser. (This transfer is not noticeable or intrusive for the user.) Once the user leaves your site, that piece of code sends the signal to start showing them your remarketing ads.

Do Remarketing Ads Lead To Higher Conversions?

Your website visitors are likely made up of people in many different stages of the decision-making process. Some of your audience might be trying to decide if they even need your product or service, others are doing research to see if your company is credible, and still, others are still weighing all of their options.

With remarketing ads designed to suit the needs of each audience, it’s easier to guide potential customers to the point where they are ready to convert. According to WordStream, conversion rates increase the more users see an ad. Click-through rates may decline over time, but people who do click on your ad after seeing it a few times become twice as likely to covert.

For remarketing ads to be successful, you must have a thorough understanding of your company’s sales funnel or buying cycle. Identifying each stage of a typical customer’s journey allows you to build out an advertising strategy that addresses needs and concerns at every stage.

Why Remarketing Ads Work

Whether you’re looking to drive leads to your website, increase brand awareness, or promote a product, remarketing can help you get there. Remarketing ads work because they are:

Making a sale often comes down to reaching the right people at the right time. With remarketing ads, you can show off your brand to people who’ve previously interacted with your company right when they’re searching.

Focused Remarketing ads can target very specific audiences in each stage of your sales funnel. For example, you could create a remarketing ad for people who added something to their cart but didn’t complete the checkout process.

Cost-effective You can set a maximum budget for remarketing ads in Google, so you’ll never spend more than you’re willing to pay. Real-time bidding calculates the optimal bid for each person who views your ad, which helps you win bids with the best possible price.

When it comes to the creative for remarketing ads, the possibilities are endless. Imagine bold image ads that highlight your company’s services, dynamic ads that automatically showcase the specific products a customer viewed on your site, and engaging video ads that share key messages in a way that resonates with viewers.

TrackableGoogle reports show how your remarketing campaigns are performing, where your ads are displayed, and what you’re paying. When you partner with Triton Commerce, we break down the reports for you to ensure you understand how your visitors behave throughout the entire campaign.

EverywhereRemarketing ads offer large-scale reach. You can reach people across their devices as they browse over two million websites and mobile apps.

The best remarketing campaigns are effective because they address the needs and concerns of potential customers and work to break down any barriers that are preventing them from making a purchase decision. Are you ready to try remarketing ads? For help with creating a digital advertising strategy that’s tailored to your business goals, contact our team for a free Digital Marketing Plan.