5 Web Design Trends for Small Businesses


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5 Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

5 Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

For web designers, a new year means reinventing previous styles and experimenting with exciting new trends and technological advancements. With that said, there are some web design styles that have remained popular for years and don’t show signs of going anywhere, such as minimalism, live chat, and video content.

So what’s trending in web design next year? Well, to be honest, a complete list of all the up-and-coming trends would be overwhelming. So instead, we’re highlighting five web design trends that are making 2020 lists all over the net. Ready, set, go!

Bold Colors

Minimalist web design featuring crisp, white backgrounds and flat imagery has been trendy for awhile now, so it makes sense that some brands are bucking the trend in an effort to stand out from their competitors. Web designs that use bold and bright colors not only go against the grain, they’re also attention-grabbing and demonstrative of progressive, creative thinking. Plus, this type of design aligns with the eye-catching imagery that today’s consumers have come to expect from digital experiences.

Animation and Motion Graphics

By now you’re probably aware that cutting-edge video content is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and tell your brand story. That trend is not going anywhere, but it is making room for animation and motion graphics. These moving elements of web design make it easy for brands to show off their personality and guide users to information that’s engaging and informative. As a bonus, animation and motion graphics usually load faster than video—a major benefit for user experience

3D Elements

While 3D technology has already become mainstream in the gaming and movie industries, it hasn’t been as prevalent in web design. Expect that to change in 2020! As technology advances, more brands will explore using 3D visuals to create immersive web experiences that encourage visitors to stay on-site longer

Mixed Media

Like the idea of 3D elements but want to keep things a bit more simple? Layering photography with graphics and/or typography is another trend that’s about creating depth and immersive user experiences. By using real photos mixed with graphics or illustrations, brands can create memorable imagery that’s simply more interesting than flat designs.

Thumb-Friendly Navigation

Responsive web design ensures your site displays perfectly no matter what device your visitor is using, and if you want to be relevant online, it’s no longer an option. With more people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access the web, it’s never been more important to have a mobile-friendly website.

In 2020, web designers take mobile-friendliness to the next level by focusing on how to make web navigation easier for people who are using their thumbs to explore sites—which is most of us. By putting the menu, contact buttons, and navigation bar in parts of the screen that a thumb can easily reach, many brands can further enhance their user experience.

Technology is always evolving, which means web design trends must evolve too. Mobile-friendly design, user-focused approaches, and other advances in web design have made it possible for businesses to create more effective websites and build stronger connections with their customers. However, not all web design trends are worth implementing on your site. Any time you make updates to your site, it’s important to focus on making strategic changes that will truly benefit your business. Want some guidance? Contact the experts at Triton Commerce! We can help you create a modern and effective site that generates better results for your business.