5 Reasons to Invest in an Organic Search Marketing Strategy


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5 Reasons to Invest in an Organic Search Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons to Invest in an Organic Search Marketing Strategy

When it comes to evaluating popular lead generation marketing strategies, you can metaphorically boil it all down to two centuries-old fable characters: the tortoise and the hare.

We all remember the classic tale of these two dueling varmints; the hare with its bold and brazen briskness and the tortoise with its slow and steady scheme. These two creatures are entirely applicable to two primary forms of lead generating digital marketing strategies: organic search and pay-per-click (PPC).

PPC is undoubtedly the hare, as pay-per-click and keyword ads can instantly reach the people who are searching for your specific services or products. But just like the victor of the fable, the way to “win” more leads in the long run is through effective organic search marketing strategies.

Research indicates that over 53% of all website traffic stems from organic search, making it a prominent resource of gaining and tracking more visitors to your website.

As akin to the tortoise, quality search engine optimization takes time, commitment, and necessary investments in order to see satisfactory results. But once you completely dedicate your marketing efforts toward improving your organic search results, your website will not only be able to rank higher in relevant search engine results, but stay there – for thousands of eyes to see.

For higher quality traffic, improved lead generation, and higher search engine rankings, here are five reasons investing in proactive organic search marketing strategies will help take your brand above and beyond the competition.

1. Prosperous Prospects

While PPC campaigns can haul in a higher quantity of website traffic right away, investing in an organic search marketing strategy is what will improve the quality of prospects visiting your website.

Effectively optimizing your website is what leads prospects who are actively searching for your company’s products or services straight to your website, leading to more relevant traffic and ultimately higher conversion rates.

Procuring such prospects requires applying professional SEO strategies to your current digital marketing plan, such as:

Implementing these organic search marketing strategies into your website will only increase the amount of relevant and proactive leads coming across your site.

2. Climbing Conversion Rates

What’s better than experiencing higher website traffic through efficient organic search marketing strategies? Watching those leads convert into sales!

Research shows that SEO-driven leads have an average conversion rate of just under 15%, in comparison to other marketing tactics, such as print ads or direct mail, which have an average conversion rate of under 2%.

The more website traffic your proactive organic search marketing strategies will bring in, the higher conversion rates you can expect to experience!

3. Cost-Effective Efficiency

If PPC campaigns can get you instant leads and temporarily higher search engine rankings, then why doesn’t everyone invest in such strategies all the time? Well, it just so happens that paid advertising campaigns can prove to be quite more costly than investing in long-term, organic search marketing plans.

While the best SEO results often take significant time and energy to pay off, the main differences between this long-term digital marketing strategy versus a paid advertising campaign include lower initial costs and higher ROI figures. And don’t forget about an extensive marketing plan that’s engineered to boost your website’s search engine result rankings for the long run, ultimately keeping it there for many years to come!

4. Improved Credibility

The longer you commit to your organic search marketing strategies, the higher your organic search engine ranking will become. And what’s one of the more advantageous outcomes of higher rankings? Credibility!

When you outrank your local competitors in relative search engine results, it does wonders for improving your reputation, specifically amongst prospects who are actively searching for services or products relevant to the ones you provide.

That added sense of trust a lead feels when coming across your high-ranking website will only work toward your advantage as another contributing factor to more website traffic and higher conversion rates.

5. Enhanced User Experience

While it’s easy to get caught up in focusing on higher traffic numbers and search engine rankings, it’s important to remember that a better-optimized website means an improved user experience.

The accessibility and functionality of your website are crucial for Google’s assessment of your site. The more focus you put on user experience in your organic search marketing strategy, the more approval you’ll receive from the search engines in charge of ranking your website.

Better usability is what keeps leads engaged on your website after all the other components of your organic search marketing strategies have led them to it!

Trust Triton To Enhance Your Organic Search Marketing Strategies

The success of your website and branding weighs heavily on how you approach your long-term digital marketing strategies. At Triton Commerce, we specialize in custom organic search marketing strategies, equipping small business owners with the necessary digital marketing tools and resources to improve their web presence.

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