Mobile Installation - Web Design & SEO Case Study, Minneapolis, Mn

Mobile Installation

Mobile Installation specializes in both automotive electronics and accessories. They provide customers with high-quality products and expert installation for a seamless integration. Since their product focus and services differ on a seasonal basis, it was crucial for us to first create a website that offered a solid foundation for their digital marketing strategy. We then created two separate, but complementary, advertising strategies to draw traffic to their site.

Our Strategy


Web Design


Inbound Marketing

Pay Per


Social Media

Per Click

Using pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords, we are able to reach potential customers who are searching for the specific products and services Mobile Installation offers. Pay-per-click advertising allows us to bid on select, high-converting keywords and increase Mobile Installation’s visibility in these critical searches. Because the demand for Mobile Installation’s various services fluctuates with changing seasons, our pay-per-click strategy needed to be nimble enough to keep up with changes in demand.

The Goals

  • Create an effective customer acquisition system using search engine marketing
  • Implement a strategy that could quickly and easily shift focus from one product to another, based on seasonal demand
  • Re-engage customers who leave the site without converting

The Approach

  • Developed a search engine marketing strategy designed to reach more potential customers
  • Adjusted campaigns and budgets based on which products and services were currently “in season”
  • Used display advertising to reconnect with website visitors and drive them back to the site to convert

The Results

Over 1,700
leads from pay-per-click advertising to date
Over 16,000
clicks from ppc
clicks on search ads become leads

Social Media

In addition to reaching potential customers who are already searching for services online, Mobile Installation wanted to increase brand awareness and reach new prospects. In order to reach these individuals, we developed a custom social media strategy designed to supplement their overall digital marketing plan.

The Goals

  • Reach new prospective customers and increase awareness of Mobile Installation’s products and services
  • Increase the total number of page likes
  • Drive potential customers to the Mobile Installation website
  • Increase the total number of page likes
  • Encourage current followers to become customers

The Approach

  • Developed a social media strategy that focused on Facebook in order to reach Mobile Installation’s target audience
  • Created Facebook content with consistent branding and messaging that is relevant to their core audience
  • Strategically boosted posts to the company’s target audience in order to reach more potential customers
  • Used social media advertising to drive potential customers to the Mobile Installation website to learn more about the company and its services
  • Reconnected with website visitors through targeted ads, encouraging them to return to the site and convert

The Results

total fan increase
Total impression increase
total engagement increase
increase in link clicks from Facebook

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