Why Your Home Improvement Company Needs Digital Marketing


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Why Your Home Improvement Company Needs Digital Marketing

Why Your Home Improvement Company Needs Digital Marketing

As the home improvement industry continues to grow and evolve, competition between renovation businesses has become more intense than ever before. The industry as a whole is currently valued at over $400 billion in the U.S., and that figure is projected to increase to over $500 billion by 2024. Every year, more and more money is being spent by consumers to remodel their houses, which means the need for local home improvement businesses to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack is, to say the least, crucial.

To put it frankly, if your home improvement business isn’t investing in efficient digital marketing strategies, you’re missing out on plenty of potential customers. Digital marketing is what helps businesses zero-in on promoting themselves to specific, targeted audiences, as opposed to merely broadcasting ad through varying mediums and hoping a few leads may come out of it.

If you’re curious as to how digital marketing will improve the visibility of your home improvement company, let’s review several key points highlighted by our accompanying infographic that can better explain just how vital digital marketing can be to the success of your company.

A More Focused, Thorough Approach

As mentioned earlier, the general advantage digital marketing provides businesses is the ability to accurately pinpoint who their advertising is reaching.

As more people continue to conduct their own online research and utilize search engines to assess which home improvement companies look the most qualified to meet their needs, businesses can tap into that market potential by executing a variety of digital marketing tactics to find new audiences, including:

  • Demographic information such as income, home ownership, and more
  • Specific interests such as home improvement, construction, home updates, etc.
  • Behaviors such as the recent purchase of a home, as well as like behaviors of individuals who are likely to make home improvement purchases
  • People who are searching for specific words and phrases that indicate that they may be ready to buy or book an appointment or consultation with your company

In addition to having a better grasp of exactly who your advertising campaign is reaching, digital marketing also allows businesses to precisely measure, determine, and evaluate results.

In the more traditional eras of marketing, companies could never truly know how effective their advertising campaigns through print or radio were because they couldn’t track how many people became customers as a result of coming across their ad. Today, digital marketing allows business owners to see exactly how many people clicked on their ads, how much traffic their website is getting from their advertising, how many leads their advertising is generating, and much more further advanced stats on the ROI of their marketing.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Services for Home Improvement Companies

The general goals any business wants their digital marketing plan to achieve are simple: increasing leads, brand awareness, consumer engagement, and, in turn, revenue. The quickest way to accomplish all of those objectives is by increasing a company’s overall virtual visibility, which is the primary focus of the majority of digital marketing services.

Here’s a breakdown of what can be referred to as the top five digital marketing strategies home improvement businesses can employ to better connect with potential customers:

1) An Effective Website with SEO

How It Works: If you’re unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), now is the time to get yourself acquainted with it. SEO, in a nutshell, is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on implementing highly searchable keywords into the content of your company’s website. When people search things like “local home improvement company,” websites with effective SEO will better align with Google’s search algorithms and page rankings, which means that website’s visibility will be higher and show up higher in related Google searches.

Why You Need It: Not incorporating SEO strategies into your website will absolutely limit its online visibility potential. Businesses implementing SEO into their digital marketing plan will boost their performance in key search results and have a higher probability of converting virtual visitors into real-life customers.

2) Paid Search Ads

How It Works:While SEO is more of a long-term strategy when it comes to increasing online brand awareness, paid search ads are a more immediate and direct element of digital marketing. With paid search ads, your business will appear in a search engine’s sponsored listings, which will generate more qualified leads because you are targeting relevant audiences. Most paid search ad campaigns only require businesses to pay for them when people click on the ad, proving to be a more cost-effective approach toward driving applicable traffic to your website.

Why You Need It: Direct, fast, and effective. This is a more focused and precise procedure into choosing what specific keywords to target, because it will show you what exact search terms people are using the most when it comes to looking for home improvement services.

3) Paid Social Media Ads

How It Works: Many smaller businesses tend not to believe they need to implement more social media-driven marketing into their advertising campaigns. But the fact is, more and more people are using social media, specifically Facebook, for recommendations, reviews, and research when it comes to finding home improvement services. Best of all, social media ads allow you to create advertisements based on your preferences and goals (such as boosting overall website traffic or helping people close by pinpoint your location). Essentially, social media ads help businesses focus on their preferred target audiences and monitor their marketing performance in real time, while not taking up too much of an advertising budget.

Why You Need It: Perhaps the biggest advantage social media ads provide is the ability for businesses to reach consumers who are experiencing various life changes and opportunities that are relevant to the services your business provides. For example, you can target recent homeowners, who are more likely to need and do business with your home improvement business.

4) Retargeting

How It Works: There are a lot of customers who conduct their own thorough online research before coming to a conclusive purchase, which means they might visit and leave your website without making a final decision as to which home improvement company they’re going to go with. Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that focuses and ‘follows’ these potential customers, providing them with advertisements that encourage them to click back to your website and enlist your services.

Why You Need It: Retargeting focuses on the consumers you simply would’ve missed out on doing business with had they not been prompted or influenced with ads after visiting your site. It helps keep your home improvement company fresh in their minds when they’re searching for remodeling services.

5) Reputation Management

How It Works: Unfortunately, word of mouth reputation can only get you so far in the digital world. Online reviews of your home improvement business can either persuade or dissuade website visitors, especially if negative reviews are posted and not responded to appropriately by your company. Reputation management is a digital marketing tactic that manages, monitors, and responds to all virtual customer reviews of your business in a timely and appropriate manner.

Why You Need It: For many Internet users, your online rating and reviews are their first impression of your business. Reputation management will only help ensure that online traffic gets a better understanding of how satisfied your customers are.

The bottom line is that digital marketing can make a huge impact on the success and future of your home improvement company. While there are many digital marketing resources available to choose from, it’s important you decide to go with a marketing company that will cater to your specific marketing needs. If you’re interested in learning about which digital marketing strategies are best for your home improvement company, contact the team at Triton Commerce today to get started on a plan that’s perfect for you!