Why Should I Add Videos to My Digital Marketing Strategy?


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Why Should I Add Videos to My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Should I Add Videos to My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Seems like a logical question to me and if you engage in social media of any kind I am thinking you can already answer this question. But, if social media or a social media strategy is not something you’re familiar with, here are a few insights as to why you should add video to your Digital Marketing strategy.

As we continue to be a society of people that want information very quickly, video is rapidly becoming the number one method to send information to the masses since it engages a large audience quickly. There are more than 1 billion active Internet users online at any given time, so if 75% are engaging in videos you can see how this form of Digital Marketing is effective. In addition, many videos provide entertainment, which can engage a potential customer for a business in a much different way than a print ad does. How many times has a video passed through your social media feed, and although you have no idea what it is, you click it just to see what it is? If the first 5 seconds engage you, you are very likely to watch the entire video. Correct?

This is where the technique on creating videos becomes extremely important.

Producing videos is an art. If you want it done correctly, as always, contact a professional. They have years of experience and are educated in the different techniques available for creating an engaging video. The first few seconds are critical to your video being successful! Now, I know each one of you probably has a video option on your phone and you definitely can practice that way just to test the theory. Even on a low quality, no budget video you’ll get a good amount of engagement because people are naturally curious and it’s a quick way to see what’s going on. No reading required!

Research does also support the use of video as an important form of Digital Marketing. Numerous studies show that 75% of people engage in watching videos on a weekly basis; this is only going to increase as time goes on. In addition, inbound marketing firms are able to integrate videos as an effective component of your business’s SEO plan.

Video is engaging and it is here to stay! Contact Triton Commerce to help you with your complete digital marketing strategy, including the incorporation of videos, today!