Why Inbound Marketing Is Important to Attract Millennials and Gen Z


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Why Inbound Marketing Is Important to Attract Millennials and Gen Z

Why Inbound Marketing Is Important to Attract Millennials and Gen Z

The selfie, skinny jeans, avocado toast – you may mock these trends that have been initiated by our younger generation Millennial and Gen Z counterparts, but the fact remains that these fads are indicative of how industries need to market themselves toward these ascending cohorts.

Millennials have already overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America, and Gen Z’ers are not too far behind. Both generations continue to mark their territories on the pop culture and societal influences that are dictating new approaches toward life.

And for many years, it’s felt like businesses are constantly playing catch-up in regards to figuring out how to market their products and services toward these intuitive individuals. For a demographic that’s renowned for their self-reliance, restylings, and eccentricities, what bonds Millennials and Gen Z’ers in regards to digital marketing strategies is engagement.

Which brings us to the wonders of inbound marketing – the new age digital marketing approach that focuses on attracting more new customers by producing and sharing intriguing, relevant content specifically tailored toward a target audience.

You see, Millennials and Gen Z’ers are hip to the targeted advertising crusades of outbound marketing, as they prefer to be in charge when it comes to sorting out which companies they choose to do business with. They like to conduct their own research in regards to coming across companies they relate to, as nearly 50% of Millennials research local businesses online before enlisting their services, and 72% of Millennials and Gen Z’ers desire loyalty programs from the brands they support.

So how do you draw in, let alone retain the attention of these tech savvy, digital detective demographics?

Take a look at these four steps that outline exactly why proactive inbound marketing strategies are so important when it comes to attracting more Millennial and Gen Z customers.

Step 1 | Establish Credibility and Connection

Before you start implementing various digital marketing tactics to gain younger Millennial and Gen Z customers, you need to determine how these younger demographics will relate to and empathize with your business.

This is where establishing a set tone, energy, and message through your website’s content is crucial for creating and harnessing a connection to your target audience, as well as building up your company’s credibility.

Some simple inbound marketing techniques to help boost credibility and build a connection with Millennial or Gen Z website visitors might include:

The more boxes you can check-off on this credibility list, the more intrigue and engagement you’ll create with your Millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Step 2 | Create Custom, Creative, and Compelling Content

Content is king for essentially every aspect of proficient digital marketing strategies, but is especially important when it comes to enticing younger demographics with your website.

Incorporating a custom and creative content marketing plan into your web design is an absolute must, and is the key toward convincing Millennials and Gen Z’ers that your brand is not only authentic, but directly pertains to their direct needs.

Before creating applicable, appropriate, and relevant content that caters toward Millennial and Gen Z audiences, you need to assess what exactly they are looking for in your brand, so you can generate content that’s specifically tailored to their interests and demands.

Some areas of customer consideration you can explore through your website’s content can include:

  • Pertinence: How is your company applicable to your customers’ needs, or how does your product or services solve any problems they may have?
  • Convenience: How will your business make your customers’ lives easier?
  • Dependability: How can you prove or demonstrate that your company is trustworthy and reliable to your target audience?
  • Advantageous: What makes your enterprise stand out amidst the competition, and why should customers choose your business over the rest of the pack?
  • Empathetic: What makes your branding relatable, relevant, and resonate with Millennial and Gen Z consumers?

When you start to define and answer these content-related questions, you can channel your answers and solutions through various types of inbound content marketing strategies.

Examples of content that can boost engagement with your target audience includes:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Social media content
  • Video content
  • Animated infomercials
  • Ebooks and whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Landing pages
  • CTA’s and more

Millennials and Gen Z’ers can sniff out cliche, unimaginative content from a mile away, which means not investing enough time, energy, and resources into your website’s content could be driving away more business than you think.

Step 3 | Build Bonds and Rapport

Brand allegiance takes plenty of time and patience, especially for consumers as sporadic, impulsive, and instinctive as Millennials and Gen Z’ers. But when you’re able to implement the necessary inbound marketing strategies that cater directly to these demographics’ wants and interests as consumers, the relationships you can create can easily evolve into long-lasting customer connections and correspondence.

The answer is making your business more accessible and approachable toward younger audiences, specifically allowing for more opportunities for building rapport and letting consumers know that their voices are being heard. Creating more avenues for customers to provide feedback is a great place to start, whether it’s through social media polls, customer survey contests, or other promotional offers that incorporate customer responses.

Staying in touch with both new website visitors and previous customers alike, via social media channels or email, not only makes consumers feel more wanted, but makes them feel more in the driver’s seat as far as having a say in the direction of your company goes.

Finally, nurturing customer relationships means actively showing them your appreciation for their business. Promoting loyalty memberships or reward programs through your website is a great way to stay connected with Millennial and Gen Z customers, while also providing incentives for their allegiance. The more available you make your brand to your younger customers, the more comfortable and supportive they’ll be toward your business moving forward.

Step 4 | Create Your Custom Inbound Marketing Strategy With Triton Commerce

No matter what industry your business serves, investing in proficient digital marketing strategies is what will attract and retain more Millennial and Gen Z customers in the long run.

At Triton Commerce, we specialize in providing businesses with custom inbound marketing plans that are designed to boost website traffic and conversion rates, while establishing authority, credibility, and trust with your target audiences.

If you’re ready to see how successful digital marketing can expand your reach and appeal to younger demographics, contact Triton Commerce to get started on your free Digital Marketing Plan today!