What Makes for Good Web Design?


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What Makes for Good Web Design?

What Makes for Good Web Design?

Remember the early days of the Internet when websites had low-quality graphics, unreadable fonts, and extremely long load times? Web Design has come so far in the last couple of decades, and it’s funny to think about how little we expected from a website then compared to now. Once upon a time, we were fascinated with watching pixelated hamsters dance. These days, when we access any sort of website, we expect a user-friendly experience that includes eye-catching design, useful content, and intuitive navigation. And we want the same great experience whether we’re using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer.

Whether you’ve spent a great deal of time and money to make your website exactly how you want it or haven’t updated it in years, it’s a good time to look for opportunities to make improvements. Even if you’re satisfied with your site’s current performance, you may discover new ways to achieve even better results.

The Basic Components of a Good Web Design

A good web design provides useful information to potential and existing customers and generates measurable results for your business through phone calls, contact forms, and online sales.

  • Attractive, Responsive Design | Of course, you want your website to be visually appealing, but that’s really just the start of a good web design. An effective site also has a strategic layout, responsive design, and fast load times. Providing a high-quality user experience will greatly increase the odds that visitors will spend more time on your site and ultimately become customers.
  • Useful Content | Original web copy, stunning photos, and crisp video footage boost your SEO efforts while providing useful information to your visitors. Useful content is what ultimately keeps your audience hooked and persuades them to take action. Think about what questions or concerns your potential customers may have and use your content to address them. Don’t forget to consider what level of engagement these prospects are “ready” for. For example, some visitors may not be at a stage where they are ready to ask for a quote, but they would download your product catalog to learn more. Others are ready to buy now. Be willing to adjust your calls-to-action to suit your audience.
  • Intuitive Navigation | If you want users to take action on your site or landing page, it should be easy for them to do so. Make sure every page of your site is user-friendly by providing visitors with the information they need in order to take action and links to the appropriate pages and forms on your site. One of the best ways to build out a user-friendly website is to group each of your services into specific categories. Each of these primary categories should have its own page and be listed as a top-line menu item, with each individual service included as a subcategory that has its own page. If your customers aren’t able to find what they need on your website, they will end up going somewhere else.

Why Hire A Good Web Design Agency

A good web design doesn’t just look nice; It’s strategically designed to help you reach your business objectives and goals. When you partner with a professional web design company like Triton Commerce, you can get a custom website that:

  • Keeps visitors browsing longer. An experienced web designer can help you create a user-friendly site that keeps people browsing longer. The more time a user spends on your site, the more they will learn about your products, services, and company as a whole.
  • Enhances your brand identity. Your website should promote your brand and help your business create a lasting impression on potential customers. Along with consistent branding from page to page, it should highlight what makes your brand unique from your competitors.
  • Drives traffic to your site. Ultimately, you want your website to generate results for your business. By working with aProfessional Web Designer, you can eliminate the guesswork and create a site that turns more visitors into customers.

Plus, when you partner with an agency on your web design, every aspect of your site will be designed for increased visibility in search engine results. There are many different elements that come together to create an effective SEO strategy, which is why it’s essential to work with a professional if you want to achieve the best possible outcome. Ready to get started? Learn about our process and get a free proposal today!