Video Marketing Options You Should Explore This Year


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Video Marketing Options You Should Explore This Year

Video Marketing Options You Should Explore This Year

video content marketing can be a powerful complement to your existing marketing strategy, helping you draw in new customers or reconnect with previous customers. As the popularity of video content continues to soar, video has become increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes. Large corporations or small, family-owned businesses can now leverage the power of video marketing and enjoy the benefits.

Still not sure if video marketing is right for your business? Here are a few video marketing options you may want to consider trying out this year:

Option #1 | Company Profile Videos

If you want to introduce your business to new prospects, or build a deeper connection with current customers, a company profile video is a great tool to help you reach your goals.

  • Tell Your Story. Your company’s brand image matters and can influence the decision-making process for your customers. By telling your company’s story, you help potential customers become more familiar with your brand. Perhaps you want to explain how your commitment to solving a specific problem led you to start your business, or show how each generation has contributed to the growth of your family business. Video makes it possible to tell your story in an honest, authentic way.
  • Show Your Creative Side. With video, your creative potential is virtually unlimited. Your company profile video can capture the details that set your business apart from the competition, such as your friendly staff or unique company culture. Give potential customers a look “behind the scenes” and develop a deeper understanding of your brand.
  • Increase Brand Awareness. Video content can be much more immersive than other formats, allowing you to create a more memorable experience for viewers. Through strategic content that your audience can relate to, you can create a lasting impression and build brand awareness among key audiences.

Option #2 | Customer Testimonial Videos

If you want to grow your business, testimonials can help you build trust and credibility, and generate more leads. Written testimonials and online reviews are great, but video testimonials can have an even greater impact. To get the most out of your video testimonials, make sure the customers you feature in your videos represent your typical customer.

  • Build Trust & Credibility. When a potential customer watches your video testimonial, they are able to see and hear real customers as they share their opinions about your products and services. Many prospects are more likely to trust a review from another customer versus relying solely on promotional content created by your business.
  • Share Them Everywhere. Video is incredibly versatile, making it easy to share your customer testimonial videos on a variety of different platforms. Use clips or full videos in your social media posts, email newsletters, advertising campaigns, and other digital content.
  • Create A Connection. Video allows you to convey emotion in a way other formats cannot. Through compelling video testimonials, you can appeal to potential customers in an authentic and relatable way.

Option #3 | Product Demonstration Videos

A product demonstration video can help you spread the word and showcase what you have to offer. Your video content can inform, educate, and create a lasting impression with your target audience. By letting potential customers experience your products or services through video content, you can help them appreciate the value of what you have to offer and encourage them to buy.

  • More Engaging. Video provides you with a unique opportunity to feature your products in an engaging, eye-catching way. Rather than simply tell your customers how great your product or service is, you can show them with a demonstration video that captures and holds their attention.
  • Prove Your Claims. Your products or services solve a problem or fulfill a need for your customers. Through video, you can explain how your product or service will benefit your audience and back up your claims with a demonstration. By providing a detailed demonstration, your customers can see for themselves that your product is exactly what they need.
  • Highlight Key Product Features. If your product includes some unique features you want customers to know about, video can help you highlight them. Product demonstration videos allow you to showcase specific features or benefits without it feeling like an over-the top sales pitch. Simply focus on how these features will solve your customer’s problem to ensure your message is heard.

Option #4 | Video Ad Campaign

In the world of digital advertising, capturing your target audience’s attention can be surprisingly challenging. As users scroll through social media or browse online, they are often bombarded with advertising content. Because users have become so used to seeing advertising content online, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to get maximum impact from your digital advertising campaigns, you should consider using video ads as part of your strategy.

  • Increase Your Reach Through Sharing. One of the biggest perks with video advertising is the potential to reach a wider audience as users engage with and share your video content. By using creative and captivating video content as part of your advertising campaign strategy, you can increase the odds that members of your target audience will want to share your content with their friends and followers.
  • Grab Your Audience’s Attention. If you want to get results from your digital advertising campaigns, you first need to get your audience’s attention. With so much content being shared online, getting noticed is often easier said than done. However, users still pay attention to video. According to Google and Ipsos, 81% of video-viewing occasions get all or most of people’s attention.
  • Share Key Messages Quickly. When it comes to conveying information quickly and effectively, it’s hard to beat the impact of video. Video allows you to show and tell your story all at once, so you can say much more in far less time.

Looking for more Video Marketing tips to help you enhance your digital strategy? Contact us for a free Digital Marketing Plan! We’ll provide you with helpful feedback on your current digital presence, and help you plan your next steps.