Using CRM to Increase Tracking, Conversions, and Sales


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Using CRM to Increase Tracking, Conversions, and Sales

Using CRM to Increase Tracking, Conversions, and Sales

Running a business means constantly acquiring new data. Every time someone on your team interacts with a potential or existing customer, your company receives new information that can be used to provide better customer service, increase sales and customer retention, and even improve your business.

Managing all of that customer data is almost like a job in itself, though. It’s something that companies of all sizes struggle with. Does your business have a system in place?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a type of software designed to help businesses collect, organize, and manage customer information. Once you have a CRM strategy in place, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see an increase in tracking, conversions, and leads.

CRM and Tracking

Every sale your company makes is the result of a process that starts with receiving a lead and ends with either converting that lead to a sale or losing that particular prospect.

Sometimes closing a sale is as easy as following up with a potential customer who’s shown interest or anticipating an existing customer’s needs. To pull off either, your team needs access to updated, accurate information on every single person who’s ever interacted with your company… at all times.

Off the top of your head, do you know where each one of your prospective and existing customers is within your sales funnel? Can you remember every customer’s history and preferences? Of course not! That’s what CRM is for.

By using CRM to track all of your customer data, you have the information you need at your fingertips. Every member of your team will be more informed when it comes to tracking, pipe progression, and client history, which will allow them to provide the personalized experiences today’s customers not only want but expect.

CRM and Conversions

Along with tracking customer relationships through the sales cycle of lead, potential, and account, a CRM system can increase conversions through marketing automation.

Marketing automation is software that can be incorporated into your CRM system to automate and measure important processes, like campaign management, audience segmentation, and data management.

With marketing automation, it’s easy to deliver tailored, targeted messages to your prospects at just the right moment, based on their behavior. For example, it can be set up to send an email to customers who check out your website but don’t take any action. This not only streamlines processes for your team but also helps maximize conversions by following up on every lead.

When we’re talking about conversions, we don’t just mean sales. Depending on your industry, goals, and sales funnel, your team is probably trying to get leads to take several different actions. Contact form completions, email sign-ups, and phone calls can be just as valuable for your business. Plus, every customer’s journey is different.

Of course, it’s great when a first-time lead comes to your website and converts to a customer right away. But more often than not, it takes time – and sometimes multiple conversions – to build customer relationships. A CRM with marketing automation tools can do a lot of that work for you!

CRM and Sales

Marketing automation guides customers through the sales funnel, and if you’re in a business like e-commerce, many times, they’ll become customers without ever speaking with your business directly. However, for many businesses, a member of your team needs to interact with a customer to make a sale. In these cases, a CRM system can increase sales by giving your team the tools they need to better understand your customers and their needs.

By tracking leads and conversions with CRM, you can get closer to understanding the actual requirements and qualifications of your incoming leads. It’s much easier to identify trends and pain points in the customer journey when you have all of the data in one place – the software does it for you!

With all this data, your team can make more informed decisions whenever they interact with a customer. Combine that better customer service and enhanced employee productivity with marketing automation that allows you to reach the right people at the right time, and your business will be set up to increase sales – while improving every customer’s experience at the same time. CRM is a no-brainer!

Our CRM Software Can Help You Improve Your Digital Footprint!

How often are you reaching out to your customers, and are you following up in a timely manner? How do you make sure you’re contacting the right people at the right time?

Many companies today are using a CRM system to ensure consistent and timely communication. If your company doesn’t have an automated CRM system, it will be very challenging to meet customer service demands in today’s world. Don’t worry; we can help!

At Triton Commerce, we grow businesses through custom digital marketing strategies. We believe any company of any size that wants to maintain better relationships with its customers should implement a CRM system. Contact us today to learn more!