Using Color Theory to Create Brand Consistency


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Using Color Theory to Create Brand Consistency

Using Color Theory to Create Brand Consistency

A well-designed logo created with eye-catching colors does more than just help your business look its best. By selecting brand colors that capture your brand’s personality and appeal to your customers, you can actually help improve brand recognition and build customer loyalty.

How do you use color to help build your brand? It starts by understanding why color is so important and how you can choose the right colors to emphasize your values and personality.

Tip 1 | The Power of Color

Our connection with colors goes much deeper than what we see at the surface level. Certain colors and combinations of colors influence the way we think, feel, and even behave. Many brands have successfully leveraged the influential power of color to make themselves instantly recognizable to consumers.

What makes color so powerful? There are a few different factors that determine how we react to specific colors. Our culture plays a major role in the way we perceive colors, and those perceptions can vary substantially from one culture to another. Individual life experiences also influence the way we react to colors and explain why people have such varied and unique color preferences.


While you can’t exactly accommodate everyone’s personal color preferences, understanding the importance of color can help you be more strategic when selecting your brand colors.

Tip 2 | Using Color to Connect with Customers

By leveraging the powerful effect of color, you can build a brand that is memorable, recognizable, and instantly connects with your customers. Once you’ve selected the colors that represent your brand, it’s time to use them to create your brand identity.

Tip | Having trouble selecting your brand colors? Start by choosing one main color that you think represents your brand well. Then, select one to two accent colors that complement your main color. You may also want to select a bold, contrasting color that you can use in your calls-to-action.

Using your brand colors in marketing materials, on your web design, and in your social media posts will help your audience become familiar with your brand identity. By consistently using your brand colors, you can start to develop an identity that is immediately recognizable to current and potential customers. A consistent and polished brand also helps your business look more organized and appealing, anc can help enable you to stand out from your competition.

Tip 3 | Building Your Brand with Color

There are many creative ways to use color to develop an identity for your brand. Over time, incorporating your brand colors into marketing and other materials will start to come naturally to you. Tying your brand colors into various elements of your promotional materials will help you create a more cohesive and consistent brand. Here are a few creative ways to use your brand colors:

  • In photo or video shoots, have everyone wear brand colors
  • For product shots, use a background that features brand colors
  • In social media posts, apply subtle brand color filters to your photos
  • Use color-filtered photos on your website, and use brand colors to emphasize call-to-action buttons and other key elements

By incorporating your own signature colors into your overall brand identity, you can create a brand that helps you build a stronger connection with your customers and stand out from your competitors. Tying your colors into the various elements that make up your brand presence, including your website, social media posts, and print materials, will form a cohesive and instantly-recognizable brand for your business.

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