How to Capitalize on Reviews to Improve Your Business


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How to Capitalize on Reviews to Improve Your Business

How to Capitalize on Reviews to Improve Your Business

Testimonials are a critical asset for small business owners, and these days, most people share and search for reviews online. 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as their friends, so if you’re not monitoring and responding to yours, start now! (With our guidance, of course.)

If you are actively managing your business’ online reviews, our tips below can help you make the most of them. There are several ways you can capitalize on reviews to increase your company’s success!

How To Use Online Reviews to Attract Leads

Word of mouth isn’t dead; it’s just adapted to a digital world. When people are looking for your products or services, they turn to Google and other popular search engines, where Inc. says 68% form an opinion after reading between 1-6 online reviews.

If you’re getting great reviews, make sure they get noticed by potential customers who are searching by:

  • Creating or updating your Google Business Listing, as well as your Yelp profile or any other account on a platform where you’re receiving reviews.
  • Sharing recent positive reviews on your website and social media pages.

How To Use Online Reviews To Strengthen Your Brand

Encouraging customers to leave online reviews won’t always be in your favor. Nearly every business will receive a negative online review from time to time. It’s not the end of the world! No matter what, always:

  • Be quick and respectful, and offer a solution or next steps, so the reviewer feels heard.
  • Thank customers for their feedback even when it’s negative, or you don’t agree with them, and be proactive about resolving complaints.
  • By responding to ALL reviews – especially negative reviews – with respect and a solution, you show not only your previous customers but also anyone else reading that your company is listening. Carefully crafted responses can greatly influence how others perceive your brand!

How To Use Online Reviews To Improve Your Business

Tough pill to swallow: Not all negative reviews your company receives are inaccurate. It’s important to not only own up to any legitimate shortcomings your business or employees are responsible for (by responding to the negative reviews), but also learn from them.

  • If several customers have the same complaint about a product, service, stage in your process, employee, or something else, it’s time to address it!
  • Take suggestions from customers seriously. If multiple people are asking for the same thing, there’s an opportunity for your business to provide it.

When you show customers you’re truly hearing them out and are adapting your business processes to satisfy them, it’s easy to turn one-time customers into loyal fans. Start dedicating more time each week to your online reviews, and they can become a powerful tool for retaining clients and improving your business!

Need Help Getting More Online Reviews?

Many business owners assume all they can do is wait for reviews to trickle in – and hope that they’re positive. With so many other things to focus on, managing online reviews might not seem like your best use of time. However, your business’ online reputation is an incredibly important component of your digital presence, and there are ways to take control of your reputation and use it to promote your business.

At Triton Commerce, we offer reputation management software that allows you to acquire more reviews and respond to negative reviews as they happen. A large number of recent, authentic reviews is one of the biggest factors in potential customers choosing your business versus your competitors. Are you ready to take advantage of your company’s online reviews? Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert!