Effective Digital Marketing Takes More Than Luck


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Effective Digital Marketing Takes More Than Luck

Effective Digital Marketing Takes More Than Luck

Does it seem like your business has bad luck online? You put up a beautiful website and post regularly on social media, but you feel ignored and start second-guessing your investment. You think maybe all the luck is saved for your competitors, who always seem to get noticed.

Digital Marketing success isn’t about luck, it’s about strategy. Consider that good news – it means you simply haven’t learned the right tips and tricks! Let us teach you how to make your own luck and meet your online marketing goals.

Generate Brand Awareness Online

It definitely takes more than luck to generate brand awareness online. For starters, you need a user-friendly website. Your target audience likely expects you to have one to be considered reputable in your industry, and how else are they going to find out about your company? A phone book? Good luck.

You can’t just launch a website and expect people to know about your brand though. They’re unlikely to stumble upon it unless you have SEO-optimized content and an inbound marketing strategy for brand awareness. We recommend an inbound strategy that includes paid and organic content, such as blogs, social media ads, and email marketing.

Attract Prospects to Your Website

Internet users are constantly bombarded with countless ads and messages competing for their attention on every website, platform, and app. Your company would indeed be very lucky to attract website traffic without trying! Along with Inbound Marketing and SEO, most of your competitors are probably paying for their web content to be seen, so for yours to perform better without a paid budget would be much like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Luckily, investing even a small budget in PPC advertising can help your content break through the noise and attract prospects to your website. Using focused targeting and the right keywords, paid ad campaigns can help you reach potential customers in real time when they’re searching for your products or services.

Convert Leads Into Customers

Once your website and online content is bringing in leads, it still takes more than luck to convince those potential customers to contact you. Not every customer is ready to give you a call, schedule an appointment, or buy something. Producing content for every stage of the customer journey and creating landing pages for your online ads will ensure that you speak to every segment of your target audience and provide the specific information they’re looking for. Also make sure all of your content marketing contains strong calls-to-action so potential customers know what steps to take next.

Another lead-converting strategy that should not be overlooked is remarketing. This is a type of ad used to reconnect with people who have already visited your website or interacted with your brand, but haven’t taken any further action. (Like when you visit a website and their marketing follows you everywhere.) Remarketing ads provide another opportunity to show value to customers who have shown interest.

Grow Your Social Following

It’s not just your company – growing a business’ social following has gotten harder in many ways. Consumers are expecting a lot more from brands both large and small, and it takes more than luck to get them to stay connected with an account that’s not a friend or family member.

Growing your social following truly comes down to creating content your followers will love. Put away your lucky rabbit foot and get comfortable, because you’re going to have to put in some time and effort to build your online community. It won’t be fast and you’ll have to monitor it constantly! But if you get it right, you’ll have anytime access to a group of loyal fans who support your brand and share your content with their networks.

Get An Impressive ROI on Your Paid Ad Campaign

It’s easy to hit a Facebook “Boost” button and spend hundreds of dollars; It’s not easy to get results with just luck. From keyword ads to video campaigns, you can’t expect to see an impressive return on your investment in paid ads without the right strategy, as well as the ability to measure results and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance. Generally speaking, your ROI is determined by comparing the amount you have spent on your marketing strategy to the value of the conversions it has generated.

There are many different types of online ads, so you’ll also need to have a good understanding of your target audience’s habits and preferences to meet them where they’re at. Let us know if you want some help! At Triton Commerce, we understand online success takes a lot more than luck, and we’re ready to help you find real solutions.