Does Your Website Need a New Design in the New Year?


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Does Your Website Need a New Design in the New Year?

Does Your Website Need a New Design in the New Year?

And just like that, a new year is around the corner. What better way to start the new year than with a freshly updated web design? As a business owner, your website is your most important marketing tool, and you should never stop making adjustments to improve it.

Even if your site is performing well (here are some metrics to check), a redesign can often bring additional benefits. Does your website have the basic components of a good web design?

We’re talking about:

Responsive, Smart Design | The visual appeal of your website is very important, but looks don’t mean much if the rest of the user experience sucks. That’s why an effective website must not only be attractive, but also have a strategic layout, highly responsive design, and fast load times.

Intuitive Navigation | When visitors land on your site, the number one thing you want them to do is take action, whether that’s to fill out your contact form, click your phone number, or download an application. A good web design makes it easier to convert visitors, because it guides them intuitively from one page to the next.

Useful Content | Informative, valuable information is what ultimately attracts your target audience, keeps them on the page, and persuades them to take action. A good web design is packed with original web copy, stunning photos, crisp video footage, and other useful content that meets potential customers’ needs at each stage of their journey.

Strong Brand Identity | There are other companies in your industry, so your website needs to set your brand apart. Your web design should create a lasting impression on potential customers, using consistent branding from page to page and highlighting what makes your company unique from competitors.

Other things to consider….

  • Is your website optimized for voice search? Make sure it’s your company Alexa recommends.
  • Does your website feature case studies? No matter what industry you’re in, the main thing your potential customers want to know is whether your business can actually deliver the promises made on your website and in your marketing.
  • Does it have live chat? If you’re not able to respond to inquiries quickly, a lot of potential customers will have a negative impression of your business – or they’ll move on to one of your competitors who makes communication more convenient.
  • Are you blogging? Regardless of size, all businesses can use blogging to attract new customers, and it’s a fantastic way to boost your site’s ranking in search results.

How good (or bad) is your website? Even if you’re satisfied with your site’s current performance, why stop there? There’s always the possibility to achieve even better results – and we’d love to help you get there! At Triton Commerce, we strive to make online marketing easy, honest, and profitable for your business.

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