Creating Social Content Your Followers Will Love


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Creating Social Content Your Followers Will Love

Creating Social Content Your Followers Will Love

Are you trying to get more little hearts and likes? It’s challenging for any brand to put out social content their followers will love week after week, but with a few tips from our experts, every post on your profile will be adored.

Find The Right Person(as)

One of the first steps in creating a successful Social Media Marketing strategy is getting to know your audience. You may already have an understanding of your current (existing) and ideal (dream) customers, and analyzing your social data can give you an even better idea of their demographics. From there, you can build personas to help you better understand the different types of people who are interested in your brand and products or services.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be something your business is not – that’s never a great way to enter a relationship. Show off what makes your company and products or services unique! Most people are looking for authenticity on social platforms, especially from brands.

Show Love To Your Followers

If you really want to impress your followers, make them a part of your social content! You can ask people to share photos for a chance to be featured on your profile, or get people to comment on your posts by hosting a contest. User-generated is proven to outperform brand-created content!

When sharing user-generated content, do your best to be inclusive. By that we mean, make sure you’re showing love to all of the various demographics that make up your audience.

Make A Video

Whether you’re launching a new product or get asked the same questions frequently by customers, making a video gives you the ability to explain things visually. Like most people, your followers probably like video content the best, so go Live on Facebook or Instagram, or take the time to make something more polished for YouTube. Either way, they’ll eat it up.

Answer The Hard Questions

A lot of customers turn to social media when they’re upset, and some platforms like Facebook have options to leave a review. Never give an upset customer the silent treatment! Make sure you answer all questions and comments, even when they seem rude. You can present your business in a good light by showing you’re here to help no matter what.

Make It Official With Someone You Like

Is there another company you partner with sometimes or a friend or family member who has an impressive following of their own? Go public with your relationship! Ask the other company if they want to partner on some social content or sponsored posts – it can benefit the both of you! Or hook the influencer up with some free product in exchange for a post about your products or services. You’d be amazed how much traffic one influencer post can bring to your social profile and website!

Show Love To Your Community

After the year we just had, a lot of consumers are focused on only buying from brands that they respect. Things are crazy for your company right now, but let’s be real – they always will be. So there’s no excuse for not “having the time” to give back! Schedule some volunteer time at least once a quarter, where your team members get to spend a day helping your community. It’s a great thing for your company culture and a fantastic way to include more purpose-driven posts on your social pages.

Be Accountable

On the same note, today’s customers expect transparency from brands. Brands that are seen as “purposeful” grow twice as fast as other brands. Brainstorm some content that shows why your company exists and how you serve your customers every day.

Learn Your Audience's Love Language

If you’re totally stumped for content, you can simply ask your audience what they’d like to see more of. It shows you’re listening and might help spur some new ideas!

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