Attract New Followers & Customers on Social Media


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Attract New Followers & Customers on Social Media

Attract New Followers & Customers on Social Media

Whether you’ve been managing a social media page for years or just recently created an account, attracting new followers is likely one of your goals. Today, we’re going to share some insight on how to do just that, but first, it’s important we clarify something:

Your follower count is not the best indicator of Social Media Marketing success.

Getting A Million Followers Shouldn't Be Your Goal

Here’s a lesson a lot of brands have learned the hard way: It’s possible to have thousands of followers who never read your posts or click on your links. Simply having 1,000 Facebook fans or 2,000 Instagram followers does not mean you are rocking social.

The key to turning social media into a brand awareness and lead generating tool is to build an engaged online community of your ideal fans – the ones who fit in your target audience. They’re the people who’ll actually interact with your content, share it with others, and become paying customers.

Your job, as the social media manager, is to nurture and guide them to the purchase decision or action you want them to take. This requires an in-depth understanding of your audience.

Knowing Your Target Audience Is Critical To Your Social Media Success

Knowing your audience is key to developing any successful digital marketing strategy, but it’s especially true on social media. Think about it – are you personally following any brands that you’d never want to do business with? Probably not. So don’t waste your time and money trying to reach as many people as possible with your social content – focus on the audience that matters most to you.

The most successful brands on social media are the ones that understand their audience and speak to them directly through their content. Once you’ve narrowed down who you’re trying to reach on social, it becomes a lot easier to start a conversation with them.

Tips For Defining Your Social Media Audience

One method that can help you define your audience is creating personas – fictional characters that represent the characteristics and demographics of your ideal customers. Take the time to think about who your customers are, including:

  • Demographics, like age, sex, income, and location.
  • Challenges they might have and how your company can solve their problems.
  • Goals they’re striving for and how your brand can help them achieve those goals.
  • Obstacles that stand in the way of their purchase decisions, such as misconceptions about your product or industry.
  • Where they’re at in the customer journey, including previous customers, people who have shown interest in your brand, and people who fit in your target market but have never heard of you.

Once you understand your ideal audience’s needs, goals, and motivations, you can create targeted content focused on those topics.

How To Choose The Right Platform for Your Social Strategy

There are several popular social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean you need to be active on all of them. Make the most of your social budget and resources by focusing first on the channels where your ideal audience is most active. Check out this blog for tips!

Tailor Your Content, But Stay True to Who You Are

As you develop social content designed to attract your target audience, don’t try to be something you’re not. Just because something isn’t trending doesn’t mean you should try it, unless it makes sense for your brand and audience.

Focus on why you started your business in the first place, and what problems you’re able to solve for your customers. Sharing authentic, tailored content that offers valuable information and solutions is the best way to attract new followers and customers and keep them engaged and invested in your brand.

A Few More Tips for Increasing Your Social Success

  • Use social media tools. There are free and paid social media management tools that offer endless useful functions, from social listening tools that gather every mention of your brand online, to scheduling tools that can help you post content at the optimal time – when your audience is most likely to be online.
  • Post consistently. You’re not going to build an engaged following by posting every day for a week and then not again for another month – consistency is important. Using analytics and social media tools, find out the best time to post and create a schedule or calendar to plan out content ahead of time.
  • Give stuff away. Holding contests where the winner gets free product, services, or a discount is a surefire way to attract people – who doesn’t like free stuff? You can also try working with influencers – people who agree to promote your brand on social in exchange for free stuff.

Social media has become quite sophisticated, and its popularity only seems to increase every year. Our team can help your business develop a social media strategy designed to help you build a loyal, engaged following. Get started today!