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How To Successfully Advertise On Social Media With A Small Budget

How To Successfully Advertise On Social Media With A Small Budget

You don’t need to be a big brand with an even bigger budget to leverage the power of social media advertising. In fact, small budget ad campaigns on Facebook are a great way for businesses of any size to learn more about their target audiences while also generating measurable results.

Successful Social Media Advertising With Small Budget

To make the most of your advertising investment, take the time to develop a plan for your social media ad campaign. Here are some simple steps you can follow to create a successful ad campaign with virtually any budget:

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Step 1: Establish Your Goals

Facebook is a powerful advertising tool, but your ad campaigns are only as strong as the strategy behind them. Before you start creating your ads or setting up audiences, you first need to figure out exactly what you’re trying to achieve through Facebook advertising. Understanding your specific goals will allow you to develop the right ad creative, select the right audience, and measure the performance of your campaigns.

Facebook offers a variety of objectives to advertisers, which fall into the following categories:

  • Awareness. If you want to generate interest in your business, you may want to test out the “Brand Awareness” or “Reach” objectives. These objectives are designed to help you connect with a wider audience that is likely to take notice of your products or services.
  • Consideration. To encourage your audience to learn even more about your products and services, choose one of the “Consideration” objectives available. Using Consideration objectives, you can drive traffic to your website, encourage engagement with your posts, collect leads using a contact form, and more.
  • Conversions. For businesses who want to drive sales, Facebook’s Conversions objectives are a cost-effective way to generate results.

By understanding your goals, you’ll be better able to focus your budget for the best results possible.

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Step 2: Know Your Audience

Once you’ve chosen the right objective for your business, it’s time to figure out exactly who it is you’re trying to reach through your campaign. Your audience selection can make or break the performance of your ads, so it’s important to develop an audience based on factors including your campaign goals and budget.

Unless your goal is brand awareness, it’s generally better to target a narrow, well-defined audience. Facebook offers a variety of different targeting options to help you create audiences for your ad campaigns.

A well-defined audience will allow you to:

  • Connect with the people who are most likely to take action.
  • Tailor your content to connect with that audience.
  • Determine more quickly whether your campaign is performing well.
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Step 3: Promote Only Your Best Content

As social media advertising has become more sophisticated, so have consumers. Today’s consumers expect relevant, high-quality content that is tailored to their needs. By developing a specific goal and building the right audience, you’ll be able to more easily craft the perfect message for your campaign.

Bold design and solid copy can help you push past your budget limitations. To make your campaign stand out, use eye-catching images or video and copy that showcases what makes your business unique. What problem does your customer have, and how can your product or service solve it? Being able to answer those questions through your ad content will increase the odds of reaching your campaign goals.

If you’re sending potential customers to your website, make sure they are arriving on a page that delivers on what you’ve promised with your ad creative. Any landing pages you use should be mobile-friendly and include strong calls-to-action.

  • Tip: Worried your website isn’t up to the task? Try using formats such as Canvas, Collection, or Lead Generation to connect with your customers within Facebook.
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Step 4: Monitor, Measure, and Adjust

Experimenting with a few small budget campaigns on Facebook can provide you with some incredibly valuable insight about your customers. Using Facebook’s measurement tools, you can see exactly what results you achieved through your ad campaign.

With so many reporting metrics at your fingertips, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers and lose sight of which ones matter most to your business. Make sure you are focusing on the data that most closely reflects your goals. If your goal is to generate leads on your website, don’t feel defeated because very few people “liked” or commented on your ad. Instead, track how many people clicked through to your site and how many converted.

Even if you’re not satisfied with your ad’s performance, it’s important to remember that your campaign can still benefit your business. Take stock of where you feel you fell short, and make adjustments to your ad creative, targeting, or landing page to see if performance improves.

If you’re still concerned that your current digital marketing efforts are missing the mark, contact us for a free Digital Marketing Blueprint. We’ll take an unbiased look at what you and your competitors are currently doing online, and provide you with a blueprint outlining what you should be doing to reach your goals.


Case Study Inforgraphics

BeeSpa produces all-natural skincare products for consumers looking for spa-quality ingredients they can use at home. Their original goal was to establish an overall presence on social media, and connect with potential customers through engaging and informative content.

To help BeeSpa connect build their brand on Facebook, we created strategic content and boosted it to a select audience similar to their current customers. Through boosted content, we were able to increase engagement on their page posts and grow their total number of followers.

However, as their social media presence began to grow, BeeSpa’s goals shifted. While they still wanted to engage with their target audience, they also wanted to drive more traffic to their website to learn more about their product.

By shifting a portion of their budget to a Website Traffic campaign, and continuing to boost select posts with their remaining budget, we have been able to increase traffic to BeeSpa’s website while continuing to drive page and post engagement.

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