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Creating a Great Team

Creating a Great Team

The concept of “creating a great team” seems simple on the surface and we all know regardless of what we are involved in, whether it is a work environment, the PTA, or a sports team….the better the team, the better the result.  Then why sometimes does it seem so hard to create a GREAT team?

One of the first things to think about does everyone know what the vision is for the team?  From my experience creating a strong team comes from creating the vision with your team.  If your team members feel they have input to the vision it is much easier to turn that vision into reality as each of them then owns their part.

Does everyone know the strengths of the other team members and how they can maximize their strengths within the team unit?  Many times people focus on what an employee does not do well and then try to coach them to be better in that arena versus focusing on what a person does well and maximize those strengths within the team.  How much more satisfaction do you believe your team members would have if they felt they were being encouraged and supported on what they do well as well as highlighted within a team for their strengths versus spending time talking about their opportunities?  I would love to say that we can all be amazing in every area but unfortunately for most of us there will be opportunities.

When you are putting together your great team, take the time to identify what strengths you need in order to be successful.  Depending on the type of business you are in, or the positions you are hiring for within the business you will want different leadership and knowledge strengths. It is important to assess your current talent so you know what pieces you are missing from your team.  The better you become at identifying your team’s missing strengths, recruiting the right team members to fill those voids,  the better you will become at creating a great team.

Finally, celebrate your team. Individually and as a group, call out the successes.  Success breads more success.  This has been true in my teams over and over and I have had the great opportunity to watch the phenomenon spread throughout many teams.  Ensure your team knows they are appreciated for what they bring to the team and they will want to continue to perform for the team.


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